The Best Sex Toys for Men in India-How to use the popular sex toy

There are numerous sex toys for men in India. There are many people who are interested in sex toys but don’t know what kind of items there are and how to use them.

In this article, I will first explain what types of sex toys are available and how to use them for a more pleasurable masturbation experience.

By reading this article, you will be able to find the right sex toy for you and increase your masturbation satisfaction.

This article introduces a wide range of items, from those that can be used alone to those that can be used with a partner.

Fleshlight in India

First up is Fleshlight, which is part of the Masturbators brand and was developed in Texas, USA.

The Fleshlight has an internal sleeve made of a special material called SuperSkin.

The sleeve is made of a special material called SuperSkin, which gives you the sensation of inserting it into a real vagina.

It is also very durable and can withstand more than 100 uses, so once you buy one, you can use it until you are satisfied.

The Best Fleshlight in India

Now, let’s check out the Fleshlight, which is also popular in India.

Fleshlights range from simple types that resemble the shape of a woman’s vagina to ones that are designed to look like the vagina of a porn star.

There are many different types of fleshlight items available, and you can enjoy different kinds of pleasure and sensations.

Vaginal Male Masturbator

The Vaginal Male Masturbator is very popular among Indian men, and has a reputation for being easy to use, even for beginners.

The insertion sensation is so smooth and soft that you will feel as if you are inserting it into your vagina.

By rotating the cap at the bottom of the case, you can control the tightness of the insertion.

Everyone has a different preference for tightness, but with the Fleshlight, you can adjust the tightness to your liking.

If you are new to Fleshlight, it’s hard to know which tightness is right for you.

But with the Vaginal Male Masturbator, you will never fail with vaginal pressure.

【Who should use it?】
★Fleshlight Beginner
★People who want to adjust the tightness by themselves.
★people who want an item that is hard to distinguish as a sex toy

Vaginal Male Masturbator

FLESHLIGHT Girls Alexis Texas

The Fleshlight is designed to mimic the vagina of porn star Alexis Texas.

The advantage of this item is that you can enjoy the sensation of inserting it into the vagina of the popular porn star.

Using ordinary masturbators will give you a strong sensation of pleasure, but it will not give you the real sensation of penetration or the feeling of having sex with a woman.

If you masturbate while watching the video of this actress, you will feel more pleasure and excitement than ever before.

【Who should use it?】
★If you want to enjoy simulated sex with a porn star
★People who like Alexis Texas
★If you’re tired of simple masturbators.

FLESHLIGHT Girls Alexis Texas
Rs 4600

Vaginal Male Masturbator Clear

This Fleshlight features a transparent sleeve, so you can see what’s inside when you masturbate.

It can also be used for gay sex, allowing you to watch the moment of ejaculation while stimulating your partner’s penis.

Masturbators in general do not allow you to see the movement of the penis and the moment of ejaculation when you are doing a hand job.

If you want to see what’s going on inside while you masturbate, this is the item for you.

【Who should use it?】
★If you want to check what’s inside during masturbation
★If you want to see your partner’s ejaculation during gay sex.
★If you want to see what’s inside, you should use it.

Vaginal Male Masturbator Clear

How to Use Fleshlight

It’s not difficult to masturbate with Fleshlight.

The first step is to wash the Fleshlight. Even if it is a brand new Fleshlight, there may be dust in the sleeve inside.

If you want to know more about how to clean the Fleshlight, please refer to the following article.

Once the Fleshlight has been cleaned, the next step is to warm up the inner sleeve by soaking it in boiling water to create a realistic insertion sensation.

The temperature close to the vagina is approximately 37 degrees Celsius.

Use a large container or basin to keep the water warm, and soak it for 10 to 15 minutes to get the Fleshlight at the same temperature as the vagina.

There is a technique to get a more realistic sensation.

The Fleshlight can be masturbated without a sex lube, but using a sex lube will wet the entire vagina like a vaginal fluid and provide a smooth insertion sensation.

Using sex lube can also reduce the strain on your penis and sleeve, so you can continue to use your favorite Fleshlight for a long time.

Once you have applied the sex lube, you can adjust the tightness and insertion angle of the Fleshlight.

There is a cap on the bottom of the Fleshlight that allows you to adjust the tightness, and there is also a Fleshlight with a suction cup that allows you to put it on the wall or floor while changing your position.

【Procedure for masturbation with a fresh light】

  • Rinse and clean the Fleshlight with water.
  • Warm the fleshlight until it reaches vaginal temperature.
  • Warm the Fleshlight to vaginal temperature. – Fill the sex lube through the opening.
  • Adjust the tightness while inserting the penis (using the cap).
  • Do a hand job until you ejaculate.

If you want to learn more about how to use Fleshlight, please refer to the following article.

Male masturbators in India

Fleshlight is the most popular masturbators in India. Fleshlight is the most popular masturbator in India, but there are other masturbators that are recommended.

Masturbation is an essential activity to relieve stress and fatigue.

If you masturbate only with your own hands, you will get bored and want to experience a sensation more similar to sex.

Masturbators are designed to give you the sensation of inserting yourself into a woman’s vagina.

The inside of the Masturbators is wet like the bodily fluids secreted by a woman when she is aroused, giving you a smooth insertion sensation.

Men will feel as if they are having sex the moment they insert themselves.

The Best male masturbators in India

There are so many different types of Masturbators on the market that it can be mind boggling.

Here is an explanation of the different types of masturbators and how to use them.

The first hidden pussy toy Clear

These masturbators are penetrating, penis-hugging masturbators that provide a good amount of tightness and stimulation.

The hole is small, and you might think it would be difficult to insert, but it’s not a problem.

The material is soft and the surface is stretchy, so it provides the perfect tightness for any size penis.

If you’re a masturbator novice, you might want to start with something cheap because you don’t know which masturbator is best for you.

This is a great way to get started.

【Who should use it?】
★If you want to start with low-priced masturbators.
★If you want to masturbate with soft materials.
★People who want to use penetrators that are easy to clean.

The first hidden pussy toy Clear
Rs 895

Piston Master VAGINA TYPE

Most masturbators do not come with suction cups that can be fixed to the wall or floor.

However, this item is equipped with suction cups, so you can masturbate in various positions while attaching it somewhere.

People who used to move the Masturbators with their hands can now masturbate while shaking their hips without using their hands.

In other words, masturbation can feel like sex. No more masturbation where you always move your hands secretly in your room.

Experience intense masturbation while wearing it somewhere else. This is especially good for those who have grown tired of manual masturbation and want to seek new stimulation.

【Who should use it?】
★People who want to masturbate while shaking their hips
★People who want to masturbate in the back position.

Piston Master LIPS TYPE
Rs 4284

How to Use Masturbators and Masturbation Techniques

Wash your Masturbators thoroughly when you use them. Even new masturbators may have dust and dirt inside. You may be preoccupied with the desire to use it, but remember to wash it first.

When you have finished washing, heat it up until it is about the same temperature as your vagina, just like Fleshlight.

When it reaches about 37 degrees Celsius, you can masturbate while feeling the realistic temperature.

Once the temperature is reached, pour the sex lube inside the masturbators. you can masturbate without the sex lube, but you will not feel the maximum stimulation.

The sex lube will not stress the penis and will also ensure the durability of the masturbators.

There is also a technique for getting the sensation of the penis inserted into the vagina. Insert your penis deep into the masturbator and then pull it out a little so that air is trapped at the end of the masturbator.

Then grip the tip of the masturbator and push the air out at once. This will give you a more realistic and deep pleasure.

  • How to use a masturbator properly
  • Clean the masturbators.
  • Raise the temperature of the masturbators.
  • Pour the sex lube into the masturbator.
  • Remove the air from the masturbators.
  • Start insertion

Anal sextoys in India

Did you know that men can have two kinds of orgasms?

There are two types of orgasms: the first is the orgasm that can be felt by stimulating the penis, and the second is the orgasm that can be produced by inserting a finger or sex toy into the anus to stimulate the prostate.

Orgasms that stimulate the penis are called wet orgasms, and orgasms that stimulate the prostate are called dry orgasms.

In these dry orgasms, the pleasure lasts for a long time.

Wet orgasms, which involve ejaculation with the penis, may end in a momentary climax, but dry orgasms last for a long time.

In wet orgasms, you will feel tired after ejaculation, but in dry orgasms, you will not feel tired after climax.

With dry orgasms, you don’t have to feel tired after climaxing.

【Advantages of Dry Orgasm】

  • The pleasure lasts for a long time.
  • Feels better than ejaculation
  • You don’t feel tired after ejaculation.

In order to have a dry orgasm, you need to spend a lot of time stimulating your prostate with your fingers or sex toys to make it feel better.

You can stimulate the prostate more efficiently by using a sex toy specially designed for anal sex than by inserting your finger into the anus and stimulating it yourself.

Here are some items that can efficiently stimulate the prostate and lead to dry orgasms.

The Best Male Prostate Toys in India

Prostate Toys are designed to stimulate the prostate with pinpoint accuracy.

The item was originally used for medical purposes, so you can stimulate it with confidence.

There are items that stimulate the prostate manually, but these Prostate Toys are very easy to use because they can stimulate the prostate automatically.

Analyzer Rosso

The Analyzer Rosso is a sex toy designed to stimulate the prostate. The tip is shaped in such a way that it reaches directly to the prostate.

It is designed to send intense vibrations after insertion. The handle is also easy to grasp, making it easy to pull out.

The surface is also soft, so you can use it without worrying about damaging your anus.

【Who should use it?】
★People who want an item that can stimulate the prostate electrically.
★People who want to stimulate their prostate with pinpoint accuracy.
★If you want to feel dry orgasm efficiently.

Analyzer Rosso
Rs 3530

The Best Anal Beads in India

Anal beads are one of the most popular anal sex toys. It is an item that has multiple beads threaded on a string or plastic.

These beads are used to stimulate the rectum from the anus.

The beads are larger than the hole in the anus, so when they are inserted and removed from the anus, they provide intense stimulation, which is said to lead to pleasurable stimulation.

anal beads black

This sex toy has multiple beads on a single piece of plastic and is larger in size than anal so that you can feel the stimulation at the moment of insertion.

If you force or pull the size too large, there is a risk of tearing your anus.

If you are not used to anal penetration or are a beginner, you should use sex lube to smoothen the insertion process.

The price is also low at Rs1375. If you are not used to anal penetration or are a beginner, you should use sex lube to smooth out your penetration.

【Who should use it?】
★For those who want to get used to anal penetration.
★For those who want to develop their anus slowly and manually.

anal beads black
Rs 1375

The Best Butt Plug in India

Butt Plug (Anal Plug) is a sex toy that is recommended for beginners in anal play, and is used for the purpose of anal expansion and anal stimulation.

When you are a beginner in anal play, it is difficult to open your asshole due to tension. With this Butt Plug, you can expand your hole at your own pace.

You can try inserting it and stop when you feel like it, and gradually aim to expand it.

If you are a beginner, you may find it hard to start using thick items such as anal beads. The Butt Plug is a good first step.

It not only dilates your anus, but also stimulates it.


This item is one of the Butt Plugs and is a tool for anal dilatation. It is made of medical grade silicone material that is completely safe.

Its overall length is 4.88 inches and its maximum diameter is 1.57 inches. This butt plug is waterproof and can easily be used for sex in the pool or underwater.

This is the first product that men who want to start anal play should use. By the way, this item comes in size M. There is also a smaller size S than this.

If you are not sure if you can insert it even with the M size, you can go for the smaller size.

【Who should use it?】
★Men who want to expand their anus at their own pace.
★If you are new to anal play

Rs 2565

What kind of stimulation do you feel with AnalToys?

The stimulation of the prostate gland that comes with anal sex toys is a blissful pleasure that is more intense than ejaculation and can be experienced over and over again.

The orgasm that comes with ejaculation is the one where the pleasure reaches its maximum at the time of ejaculation, and after ejaculation, you feel calm and relaxed.

In a dry orgasm, the pleasure spreads gradually from the anus to the body, and the entire body is invaded by the pleasure.

Rather than reaching the maximum at once, it gradually grows and reaches an orgasm.

With dry orgasms, you will not feel tired after ejaculation.

How do we stimulate the prostate?

Here is what you need to do to have a dry orgasm.

  • Prepare yourself.
  • Increase sexual arousal.
  • Caress the area around the anus.
  • Put on the sex lube.
  • Insert the tool.

For a dry orgasm, you will need a sex lube, towel, rubber gloves, condom, and sex toy.

When you are ready, clean the anal area. Use an enema or something similar to clean out your bowels to prevent stool from coming out during play.

If you are a beginner, it is difficult to have a dry orgasm right from the start. It is a good idea to slowly stimulate your sexual zones to increase your sexual excitement.

This excitement will gradually induce a dry orgasm.

Apply sex lube around the anus and massage it to slowly relax the muscles around the anus. Releasing the tension will make it easier to insert your fingers or sex toys.

Cock Ring in India

The Cock Ring is an item that can be attached to the base of the penis to extend the duration of an erection.

Cock Ring is a ring worn around the penis, usually at the base. The primary purpose of wearing a cock ring is to restrict the flow of blood from the erect penis in order to produce a stronger erection or to maintain an erection for a longer period of time.

Cock Ring – Wikipedia

The Cock Ring is a device that can be worn around the base of the penis to extend the duration of an erection.

By tightening the base of the penis with the Cock Ring, you can force the blood to stagnate.

As a result, you will be able to extend the duration of your erection. If you are worried about your penis not being able to get an erection, you should try it.

【Benefits of wearing the Cock Ring】

  • You will be able to enjoy sex for a long time.
  • Prevents erectile dysfunction.
  • Improve premature ejaculation

The Best Cockrings in India

Some cock rings simply tighten the penis to extend the erection time, while others have a vibrator at the base to stimulate the clitoris upon insertion.

Luv Vibrating Sleeves

This cock ring is inserted into the vagina while attached to the penis, and has a vibrator at the base of the cock ring to stimulate the vagina and clitoris at the same time.

The Cock Ring is made of stretchable fabric, so it can be easily attached to any penis.

The vibrator is removable, so you can stimulate the vibrator by itself during sex with your partner.

【Who should use it?】
★Men who want to increase their erection time.
★People who want to improve premature ejaculation and enjoy sex for a long time.
★If you want to please your partner more by inserting your penis.

Luv Vibrating Sleeves
Rs 2250

How do I use a cock ring correctly?

It is not difficult to put on the Cock Ring. It is placed at the base of your penis in the normal state before you get an erection.

All you have to do is get an erection. If you keep it on for too long, the blood circulation will be lost and in the worst case, your penis may be destroyed.

Be careful not to get so caught up in the sex that you forget you have the Cock Ring on, so make sure you set a timer for 30 minutes so you can tell yourself you’re having sex.