Fleshlight Cleaning-How to Clean Your Fleshlight in India

Fleshlight is a popular sex toy in India, but surprisingly, many people do not know how to clean it properly, otherwise they will not be able to use it again and again, and they will not be able to enjoy masturbation in a clean state.

There are many people who use Fleshlight without knowing how to clean it in order to prioritize the pleasure of masturbation.

In this article, we are going to show you how to clean the Fleshlight, tips and techniques for cleaning it.

Use this article as a guide to clean and have the best masturbation life possible.

Why Indian should clean your Fleshlight after every use

The sleeve inside the Fleshlight must be cleaned every time it is used, as it will become contaminated with dirt, and there is a risk of health problems if the Fleshlight is not cleaned and used, you will not only grow, but you will also smell it.

Dirty mold bacteria can also cause infections, and in the worst case your penis may have to be cut off.

If you get a sexually transmitted disease from using Fleshlight uncleanly, not only you, but also your part-masturbation may be adversely affected.

If you clean it the right way every time, you can always enjoy masturbating with Fleshlight in a healthy way. So let’s go over the correct way to clean your Fleshlight together.

How to clean your Fleshlight in India

Surprisingly, it is not known how to clean the Fleshlight. You can enjoy masturbation as often as you like by following the cleaning procedures I’m about to introduce.

The Fleshlight is a brand of artificial vagina, oral, or anal sex toy.It is a masturbatory aid, which is used by inserting the penis into its opening.
Fleshlight – Wikipedia

We will look in detail at how to remove dirt from the sleeves and how to properly dry them.To learn more about masturbators other than Fleshlight, please refer to the following articles.

Open both caps of fleshlite

The Fleshlight has lids on the top and bottom so you can remove the sleeve; there are two caps on both ends of the Fleshlight, and you need to open the caps first.

If you are already using the Fleshlight, the top cap should be open. Try to open the cap on the bottom part. You can open the cap by rotating it in either direction.

Remove the sleeve from the hard case

Once the top and bottom caps have been removed, the next step is to remove the sleeve from the hard case. Open both caps to reveal the sleeve inside and pull it out so as not to damage the SupperSkin.

Excessive damage will shorten the useful life of your SupperSkin.

The material of the sleeve is very soft to the touch and its nature is very soft, so there is a risk of it cracking or breaking.

Be careful not to scratch it with your fingernails. First, take the hard case to the faucet and rinse it out directly with water.

Use soap or other means to thoroughly rinse the hard case as there may be remnants of lubricant or liquid stains from your penis.

The following are some things to keep in mind when washing the hard case

  • You are only allowed to rinse the hard case with soap and water for this first time.
  • Made of plastic so it can be washed away with warm water
  • Be careful with the lower entrance, as it tends to accumulate penile fluid.
  • Always remember to wash out both caps.
  • The top cap may also have dirt on it, so wash it off.

Pick the sleeves

Once the hardcase is cleaned, it is time to clean the sleeve inside the Fleshlight.

Warm water is fine, but use only warm water, not hot water.

Trying to rinse it off with too hot water may damage the patented material.

To rinse the lubricant and the liquid out of the penis, rinse the water towards the entrance and bottom of the penis. Continue this process for 30 seconds.

A longer rinse is recommended, but use at least 30 seconds for rinsing.

As I mentioned above, do not use soap to rinse the sleeve.

It may deteriorate the material of the sleeve and damage the sleeve. Lukewarm water alone is sufficient to clean the sleeve; you can also use your fingers to properly rinse out the inside of the Fleshlight.

Lubricant and liquid tend to clog up between the bumps, so you’ll need to use your fingers to work your way through the space to wash out every inch of it.

With the simple texture of Fleshlight, you don’t need to insert your fingers. If the structure inside is coarse, cleaning with your fingers is mandatory.

Once the dirt inside the sleeve has been completely rinsed off, you can spray Flashwash.

This spray is promoted for use in cleaning by the Fleshlight company itself. It is very easy to use for cleaning because it is pumped.

Try to avoid using older sprays as much as possible. Never use anything that is expired.

Drying Fleshlight

After a thorough cleaning, it is time to dry the Fleshlight. The scum or dampness of Fleshlight promotes the growth of nasty bacteria and makes it unclean.

Do keep the sleeve in a warm, dry place. Wipe off the arm with a towel or tissue.

The surface of the masturbator will pick up fluff. Keep the Fleshlight out of the hard case as long as it is completely dry. The larger size Fleshlight will take longer to dry.

Renew the material

Fleshlight will not feel as good as it did at the beginning of use after repeated use. The reason for this is that the adhesive strength and softness of the product decreases over time.

You should use Fleshlight RenewingPowder with Fleshlight to regenerate the softness in some way after cleaning and drying. These powders will restore the softness of Fleshlight.

To use Fleshlight RenewingPowder, simply sprinkle a little bit of it on the Fleshlight sleeve, not only on the outside of the Fleshlight, but also on the inside.

This process alone will regenerate the material as if it had been brought back to life and will enhance the quality of masturbation with Fleshlight.


How to dry your Fleshlight in India

Although we have discussed how to clean the Fleshlight, drying the Fleshlight after cleaning it is also very important and few people dry it properly.

No matter how well you clean it, if you don’t dry it the right way, there is a chance that some bacteria will remain inside the Fleshlight and enter your body the next time you use it.

Air-drying method

The first method of drying is natural drying. If you have a well-ventilated house, it is sufficient to lay the Fleshlight on a towel for 24 hours so that the wind can penetrate the interior of the Fleshlight and accelerate the drying process.

If you want to dry your Fleshlight in a shorter amount of time, you can use a fan or other machine that can blow air into the Fleshlight.

This is a good idea if you just masturbated yesterday and now you want to use your Fleshlight again today.

Wire hanger method

This method involves bending the bottom of a wire hanger around the opening of the sleeve and hanging it in the air from the hanger.

Excess moisture can easily drip from the bottom of the sleeve. Hanging it in a well ventilated room helps it dry faster than drying it on a table.

Open the opening as wide as possible to allow for better ventilation and more efficient drying.

Hairdryer method

Although this drying method is not recommended, it is recommended if you want to use Fleshlight right now.

You can dry Fleshlight faster by using a hair dryer to blow out the air from a close range. The hair dryer can deliver hot and cold air, but try to keep the air cooler.

Be careful not to try to dry the Fleshlight with too hot air as it can melt the sleeve.

Flour sack towel method

Using a clean flour bag towel, dab the outside of the sleeve to dry. Once the outside is able to absorb the moisture, the next step is the inside.

Repeat several times, changing directions each time to increase the likelihood that the inside will dry out.

This is not a natural way to do it, but it’s useful if you’re short on time or want to use Fleshlight right now.

How NOT to clean your Fleshlight

Now that we have explained how to clean Fleshlight, it is important to refrain from using soap, sex toy cleaners and hand sanitizers while cleaning.

The ingredients in soap can degrade the material and promote the growth of mold and bacteria.

Even those used as sex toy cleaners should not be used unless specified; Fleshlight’s patented texture is so sensitive that it can cause as much damage as soap.

Hand sanitizers should also be avoided as some may contain ingredients that can damage the sleeve.

Fleshlight cleaning tips and tricks

Finally, we will explain how to efficiently clean and dry Fleshlight. Try to dry it as quickly as possible so you can enjoy more masturbation.

Whether to turn the sleeve inside out

The higher the texture of the Fleshlight sleeve, the more difficult it is to care for.

Flipping the sleeve over for cleaning will allow it to be cleaned more efficiently and flipping it over for drying will allow it to dry more efficiently.

Water-based Lubricant

You cannot avoid using lubricants in Fleshlight because they can enhance the stimulation. We recommend using a water-soluble lubricant for the trouble of rinsing it off.

Water-soluble lubricants can be easily rinsed off with water. Silicone or old lubricants are also not good for the penis and can damage the sleeve.

Where to wash Fleshlight

When removing Fleshlight stains with water, try to rinse it off in a clean place. If you are rinsing it off in a place where you brush your teeth or wash your face, you will need to take care of your hygiene.

It is especially important to handle the sleeve carefully so that you do not touch any unclean parts when rinsing it off.