What does a Fleshlight feel like?Does it feel like a real vagina?

In this article, I will explain about the sensations you can experience at Fleshlight in India.

We will show you what kind of pleasure and sensation you can actually experience with Fleshlight, and why you can experience such pleasure.

If you want to know what kinds of Fleshlight are available, please click here.

What does a Fleshlight feel like?

The Fleshlight looks like a flashlight, with a sleeve inside made of a special material.

This patented material provides men with a realistic experience. You can only experience the enveloping fit of Fleshlight the moment you insert it.

Even if you don’t have sex with a woman, the Fleshlight will give you the same pleasure or even more satisfaction.

If you want to know more about Fleshlight, please refer to the following article.

If you are wondering what kind of Fleshlight is available, please refer to the following.

Is a Fleshlight similar to a vagina?

Fleshlight is a famous populated vagina that is popular among men in India.

The presence of the Fleshlight is similar to a real vagina. The texture and structure of the inner sleeve makes men feel as if they are inserting their penis into the vagina.

The material, called SuperSkin, is softer than human skin and wraps around the penis to give it pleasure.

The above are comments from men who have actually masturbated using Fleshlight.

The secret to its popularity in India is that it allows for blissful masturbation with a tightness similar to that of sex.

There is a wide variety of products, and the vagina and internal structure varies from product to product.

There is even Fleshlight, which is designed after the vagina of a famous porn star. You can choose the woman of your choice and enjoy simulated sex with her.

The Fleshlight is a sex toy that pursues the sensation of real vaginal penetration to the limit.

Why Fleshlights feel like the real thing(real vagina)

Let’s find out why it feels so much like a real vagina.


Fleshlight is made from a combination of different kinds of materials. As I mentioned earlier, Fleshlight is made from a patented material called SuperSkin.

Those materials avoid the use of latex, rubber, and silicone; materials like TPR and TPS are used, and the patented amount of material is molded to call itself Super Skin.

The materials used in Fleshlight will be reviewed below.


Cyberskin is often used in sex toys because of its resemblance to human skin. It is very soft and provides the sensation of a real vagina and is more satisfying than silicone materials.

Cyberskin feels like human skin and is a type of thermoplastic.

Friction generates heat, and as the temperature of the Fleshlight rises, it becomes closer to the temperature of the vagina, making the sensation more realistic.

Cyberskin can be easily reshaped, but will soon return to its original shape.


Silicone is made from premium materials and is often used to make high quality masturbators.

Fleshlight made of silicone can withstand high temperatures and can be disinfected with boiling water.

Silicon sex toys require the use of a water-based sex lube. The use of other sex lube may destroy the sleeve inside the Fleshlight.


Latex is a popular sex toy material, but it is not often used. The Masturbators and Fleshlight used in latex are very soft and give a soft feel to the penis.

Some people are allergic to latex, so if you are worried, it is recommended that you masturbate with a condom.

Avoid using oil-based sex lube with latex Fleshlight or Masturbators as it will promote damage to the sleeve.

Use water-based or silicone-based sex lube whenever possible.

Structure inside a Fleshlight

Fleshlight gives you a more realistic sensation of the vagina than other masturbators.

They are all designed and made in the shape of a woman’s vagina, and some are even made to mimic the shape of a porn star’s vagina.

The reason why you can feel the sensation of vaginal penetration is that they realistically reproduce not only the opening, but also the roughness, protrusions, and skin texture of the vaginal depths.

Real case and sleeve

Fleshlight is a combination of various products. First, there is the outer hard case, and then the inner sleeve. Each case has caps on the top and bottom.

By rotating the caps on the bottom, you can change the suction power.

You can change the tightness to your liking and get as close as possible to the tightness of a woman’s vagina.

Once you touch the inner sleeve, you can feel the softness as if you were touching a human cheek.

Difference between Fleshlights and real vagina

Now that I have explained that Fleshlight and real vagina can give you similar sensations and pleasure, you may be wondering about the difference between them.

You can use Fleshlight whenever you want, but you will need your partner’s permission for sex.

Let’s check the difference between Fleshlight and vagina, which can give you the same pleasure.

Warm difference

Unfortunately, the Fleshlight does not warm up on its own like the vagina does. The temperature of the Fleshlight is affected by the temperature of the place where it is placed.

Some people who are going to use Fleshlight may want to make the temperature the same for the sake of realism. Please refer to the following article for how to heat up the Fleshlight.

How to use

When you insert your penis into your vagina during sex, you don’t need to use your hands to feel the pleasure with your whole body while you swing your hips.

Fleshlight, on the other hand, is moved by hand, which makes you feel that you are using an item and something sad.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of masturbating manually, we recommend that you use a device to hold the Fleshlight in place, such as a motorized Fleshlight piston, or a device that holds the Fleshlight to the floor or wall.

If you want to increase the variation of masturbation with Fleshlight, you may want to use these items.

Difference in atmosphere

The difference between a fleshlight and a real vagina is the difference in atmosphere: in a fleshlight, you can’t experience the visual excitement because there is no partner in front of you.

If you want to achieve the same pleasure as having sex with a woman you like, you need to have Fleshlight in one hand and watch videos that create a naughty atmosphere in the other.

You may think that having sex with a real woman is more exciting and satisfying, but the appeal of Fleshlight is that it is easy and you can use it whenever you want to masturbate. In other words, once you buy it, you can use it all you want.

If you are a popular man or a man with a partner, you may be able to have sex easily.

If you are a popular man or have a partner, you may be able to have sex easily, but if you are a man who does not experience such opportunities, Fleshlight is for you.

The Best Fleshlights in India

Let’s find out what kind of sensations the Fleshlight, a popular choice among Indian men, can give you.

Vaginal Male Masturbator

Vaginal Male Masturbator

This is the simplest type of Fleshlight, and beginners who have never experienced it before often use this item.

It is especially recommended for those who want to start with the Fleshlight, which is suitable for everyone.

It is very soft to the touch, and the opening and inside of the vagina are designed to look like a real vagina.

You can feel the pleasure similar to the sensation of insertion into the vagina. The cap on the bottom allows you to control the tightness.

Who should use it?

★Beginners who do not know how to use Fleshlight
★Men who want to use a simple type of Fleshlight at first.


FLESHLIGHT Girls Alexis Texas

FLESHLIGHT Girls Alexis Texas
Rs 4600

The Fleshlight is designed to mimic the vaginal shape of Alexis Texas, a famous porn star.

Unlike other masturbators, this one is modeled after a popular porn star, so you can enjoy masturbating while imagining that you are inserting yourself into a real woman’s vagina.

You can also watch Alexis Texas porn videos online, so you can create the atmosphere of having sex with her even more.

By the way, Fleshlight is modeled after other porn stars, so if you want to know more about them, click here.

Who should use it?

★If you want to enjoy simulated sex with a porn star
★Men who like Alexis Texas
★Men who are tired of Masturbators and Fleshlight.