Recommended sex toys for gays and how to use them

Many people want to use a sex toy to provide more intense stimulation to their partners. An essential part of gay sex is a sex toy for anal stimulation.

Some people may be resistant to sex toys, but their vibrations and power are immeasurable.

Regular penis stimulating sex is not enough for many people.

If you’re feeling unsatisfied with your current sex life, take a look at this article and use anal sex toys to your advantage and make your partner very happy.

  • Types of gay sex toys
  • Why you should use an anal sex toy?
  • How to use a sex toy safely and correctly

We’ve put together a list of information you need to know if you want to boost your gay sex life. Get your favorite items and have a comfortable sex life.

Types of gay sex toys

The quality of anal sex is important for man to man sex. Inserting your penis in the first time or before the anus is fully extended can be painful.

Even if the sex is so exciting, it’s likely to be ruined by the pain and discomfort.

So it’s important for anal intercourse beginners to dilate slowly, using your fingers or an anal plug. Also, using lube reduces friction during penetration, which makes it smoother.

There are many other sex toys that can improve the quality of gay sex.

In addition to anal sex toys, there are also Fleshlight, which stimulates the penis and leads to wet orgasm, and cock rings, which help prolong erection time.

Let’s take a closer look at these different types of gay sex toys.


Anal Plug

It is said that both men and women have a sexual zone in the anal area, but many people don’t want to do anal play because it sounds shy or painful. That’s where anal plugs come in handy.

They are available in small sizes so even beginners can insert them easily, and they are said to open the door to anal sex.

They are made to fit nicely in the buttocks, so they are easy to insert even for those who are not used to it.

The anal plug is designed to gradually become thicker and thicker. It’s easy for beginners to use, but many people find it painful to insert the item into the anus.

I recommend that you practice with a lot of lotion and a finger that is thinner than the anal plug.

The first thing to do is to clean in and around the anus before using the anal sex toy. If you don’t keep it clean, you could end up in the hospital with an STD.

Once the cleaning is complete, the next step is to apply lotion to the anus. Applying too much lotion will make the room dirty, so make sure you apply just the right amount.

While applying the lotion, massage the anal area like you’re stroking it to loosen up the muscles in the buttocks. By loosening the muscles in the buttocks, it will become easier to insert.

Once the muscles in your buttocks are relaxed, you will insert the anal plug slowly. Insert it as far as you feel the pain, and if you feel it’s not possible, stop there.

Keep it in and keep it in. Don’t forget to take out the anal plug in moderation, apply lotion to it and put it back in again.

Start with about an hour at first and finish within 8 hours at most.


Fleshlight is the Masturbators brand from Texas, USA, and the reason for its popularity among Masturbators is because of its internationally patented silicone material, the “SuperSkin” used in Fleshlight is the world’s fastest.

The Fleshlight is a brand of artificial vagina, oral, or anal sex toy.It is a masturbatory aid, which is used by inserting the penis into its opening.
Fleshlight – Wikipedia

The silicone material used in Masturbators, the material is soft yet durable and with the right care, it can be used more than 100 times.

The amount of stimulation and euphoria you can give your partner’s penis during gay sex should be important, and with many times more pleasure than a hand job, the Fleshlight is going to be just what you need to please your partner.

Masturbators are most commonly used for masturbation alone, but they are popular for gay sex because of their ability to give your partner deep pleasure.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the different types of Fleshlight and how to use it, you may also want to check out the following articles

Prostate Massager

The prostate is one of the most sensitively stimulated organs available only to men. Prostate massagers are specially shaped items for gay men that are used to massage the prostate.

Originally, prostate massagers were used for therapeutic purposes, but nowadays they are also popular as toys.

Men can use the massager to provide deep stimulation to the prostate gland during sexual activity to enhance regular pleasure.

A prostate stimulated orgasm is more sensitive than a normal ejaculation and lasts for a longer period of time than a normal climax.

In addition to that, you won’t feel any sluggishness after climax as you would feel with normal ejaculation.

The Prostate Massager also has a vibration type which can create vibrations and movements that manual anal dildos can’t create. It is possible.

By using this item with your partner during sex, you and your partner can feel each other’s prostate glands.

If you’re afraid to suddenly have anal sex during sex, you may want to enjoy anal masturbation first and expand your anus by yourself.

Anal Dildo

An anal dildo is shaped like a penis and can be inserted into the anus to enjoy the stimulation. It is a popular choice for gay sex and is highly recommended for beginners to anal sex.

If you’re afraid of putting your penis in from the start, you can practice with a condom on this dildo while inserting it.

One of the advantages of dildos is that you can choose the thickness and length of the dildo, and there are also dildos with suction cups that can be fixed to the wall or floor.

If you want to practice anal sex, you can place the suckers on the floor of your house and enjoy penetration. Of course, you can also use it for actual anal sex.

One of the reasons why a dildo can also feel good is the feeling of defecation. You feel refreshed and comfortable when you pee too. An anal dildo will allow you to experience all of those feelings continuously.

There are many types of dildos, including the vibrating type, the type with suction cups, and the type with different shapes.

You can choose the one that best suits your anal feeling and your anal size. You won’t know which one is right for you until you try it out.

Please practice while trying out anal dildos to the extent that you are comfortable with them, so that you can make the most of your real anal sex.

Anal Lubes

The most important part of using an anal sex toy is this anal lotion. Anal beginners in particular may feel pain when inserting a sex toy. Using this lotion will reduce the friction and help expand the anal area.

Whether or not you use this lotion will make a difference in how much you enjoy anal sex.

There are a lot of people who are just starting out and don’t want to have anal sex because of the pain they feel when they don’t use these lotions.

There are two types of anal lotions: water-based and silicone oil-based. Most common lotions are water-soluble.

The advantage of water-soluble lotion is that it feels moisturizing when freshly applied and is easy to wash off after use.

They have the disadvantage of drying out easily, so they are not suitable for prolonged use. It may dry out during sex, so you’ll need to add more often.

In contrast, the silicone oil type is popular among gay men. The advantage is that it’s made of oil and silicone, so it stretches inside the rectum to help smooth out the slippage.

It doesn’t dry out for long periods of time so you don’t have to keep it on during sex.

The downside is that it’s an oil, so it can’t be easily washed off in the shower. You will have to choose one that suits your preferences and sex.


Anal sex is said to be associated with a higher risk of contracting STDs than normal sex.

The reason for this is that the mucous membrane of the rectum is very thin, and therefore it can be damaged by friction during penetration, creating an environment in which HIV and other infections can easily spread from the wound.

Sexually transmitted infections in the rectum often do not show any symptoms, so it is possible to become infected in the rectum without even knowing it.

Furthermore, if you have anal sex without a condom, the risk of infection is even higher. So, we should keep in mind that there is still a risk of infection even if a condom is used.

For anal sex, we recommend that you wear a condom together with your partner in order to enjoy the safety of anal sex, taking these risks into account.

Also, if you wear a condom with a sex toy, not only for penis penetration but also for sex toys, the risk of infection can be reduced.

Stimulating your partner’s prostate gland will give you a stronger stimulation than normal sex, so don’t forget to wear a condom, even though you might get excited at the sight of your partner’s orgasm and not be able to control it.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are sex toys made of silicone, plastic or rubber, and are made up of multiple balls connected together.

You can change the speed at which they are inserted into the rectum from the anal opening to give you stimulation.

The beads are larger than the anal hole, so it’s said to give a strong stimulation when you insert and insert them in and out of the anus, and that’s what makes it such a great pleasure stimulator.

We recommend that you use anal lotion when using the anal beads.

First of all, put some anal lotion on the anal area and massage it like you are stroking it to ease the tension in the muscles, and then insert the anal beads.

As I mentioned earlier, the anal bead is bigger than the size of your anus, so you’ll feel the pain without the lotion. Don’t forget to wash your anus before and after anal insertion.

Cock Ring

A cock ring is a ring-like sex toy that is attached to the male penis. It is often attached to the base of the penis to slow down blood flow from the cells of the penis and increase erection time.

It is often used in gay sex. Cock rings not only increase the duration of an erection, but also increase the size of the penis. Wearing a cock ring alone before sex can also help you to show off your large penis to your partner.

There are many types of cock rings and they come in many different sizes and designs.

If you need a powerful penis with a cock ring, you can use the following article to find your favorite cock ring.

Why Use Anal Sex Toys?

Anal masturbation or sex is more difficult than normal sex acts, and many people have given up on it because of the pain they feel.

It’s not like masturbation with a penis where you can simply do a hand job and feel the pleasure.

It is efficient to use a sex toy to feel the climax that is much deeper, and the burden on the body is less.

Even places that are difficult to stimulate with your fingers can be easily inserted and stimulated with a well-researched sex toy. Anal dilation and development takes time and practice.

Sex toys are a great way to get the most out of your sex toys. One of the benefits of using a sex toy is that it is more considerate of your body.

One of the reasons why people are afraid of sex toys is because of the pain.

There are even special anal lotions and beginner-friendly anal plugs available. The desire to feel an anal climax is so strong that many people fail to prepare for it, but the best way to do this is to take the time to develop and feel the stimulation with a sex toy.

Anal is a very sensitive area, so don’t rely on your own strength alone, but work with a sex toy to gradually develop it.

How To Choose Safe Anal Toys

Experienced anal users will know what works for them to some extent, so they may want to try a different kind of anal sex toy, but anal beginners need to be careful about how they choose their anal sex toys.

There are different types of anal sex toys for beginners, such as the glass ones and the thick ones, but at first you should choose the soft, thin ones anyway.

The first thing you need to do is dilate your anus, and you can practice with an anal plug or anal beads. When choosing that item, choose the thinnest one possible.

You can buy these products on mail order sites these days, but you can also check out reviews and reviews from people who have actually used the products, so it’s a good idea to refer to them.

You can reduce the risk of purchase failure by knowing information that you won’t know until you actually use the product before you buy it.

How To Use Anal Toys Safely

Let’s review the precautions that can be taken with an anal sex toy because it can be harmful to your body if you’re not careful.

The anus is a muscle that can be moved by itself and one that is unconsciously tightened regardless of your intention.

During insertion, you need to gradually stimulate the anus and ease the tension in the muscles around the anus. Try inserting a lotion-applied finger or sex toy slowly.

Whenever you have anal sex, be sure to keep it clean and stimulate or insert it in a way that is comfortable for your body.

It’s easy to overdo it, especially when your partner is in front of you during anal sex. Be mindful of both your body and your partner’s.

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