Best Sex Lubricants and How to Use them During Sex

One of the problems unique to women that cannot be discussed with others is pain during intercourse.

Some women feel pain during insertion because their vagina doesn’t get wet during sex. Many of them may be in pain, but they have to put up with it.

You don’t want to tell your boyfriend that it’s hard to get wet.

You may also feel pain after sex because of friction between the penis and the vagina, even though you didn’t notice it at all during sex.

Sex Lubricant for Sex is the solution to help women who have difficulty getting wet and solve their sexual problems.

If you haven’t used it before, you may be resistant to it or may not know which one to choose.

In order to help you focus on the act of having sex with your boyfriend without anxiety, I will introduce the types of Sex Lubricants and how to use Sex Lubricants.

Why is a Sex Lubricant necessary?”

A woman’s body is very delicate. It is not uncommon for the vagina to become difficult to wet due to physical conditions, hormonal imbalances or other physical problems.

Under these circumstances, if a woman is forced to have sex without using a Sex Lubricant, the vagina and penis may rub against each other, causing pain during and after penetration.

This pain can continue even after the act, causing pain and bleeding during or after urination. Once experienced, the pain and fear can be traumatic and lead to anxiety and ultimately avoidance of sex for many women.

The biggest advantage of the Sex Lubricant is that it reduces pain during sex by minimizing skin-to-skin friction. And your boyfriend can focus on inserting himself without worrying about anything.

You don’t want to waste the time you spend having sex with your favorite partner. If you are reluctant to have sex with your partner, why not try Sex Lubricant?

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What type shoud you buy?

There are various types of sex lubricants such as water soluble, silicone and oil based, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

There are various types of sex lubricants sold in adult shops and on the internet and it is hard to know which one to buy.

From now on, we will explain the characteristics of each type of Sex Lubricant for your reference before you buy one.



The water-based type is easy to use even for Sex Lubricant beginners because it is less sticky and has a light and comfortable feel.

It is made up of body-friendly ingredients that are water-soluble and can be used on women’s mucous membranes as well.

It’s easy to dissolve in water, so it’s easy to rinse off in the shower.

Depending on the product, there are also types that can be rinsed off immediately and dried on the skin without needing to be rinsed off.

Even if you are tired and fall asleep right after sex, you can enjoy Sex Lubricant play without worrying about it.

It is also gentle on the skin, so if you are worried about skin problems, I would recommend you to try this water-based type first.

One of the water-based types is Sex Lubricant, which is mainly composed of sodium polyacrylate.

It is relatively cheap and most popular among Sex Lubricant products due to its low raw material cost.

The merit of Sex Lubricant, whose main ingredient is sodium polyacrylate, is its safety.

The material is used in sanitary products, diapers, and food additives, so you don’t have to worry about it getting into your body.

There is no need to worry about getting a blow job or cunnilingus when having sex with your partner.

Glycerin-based products are water-soluble, but they are less sticky than Sex Lubricant, which is a polyacrylic acid, and they dry more easily.


The silicone based Sex Lubricant is made up of oil and silicone, the silicone puts a film inside the rectum to help smooth out the slippage.

Therefore, it doesn’t dry for a long time and you don’t need to add more during sex.

On the other hand, it is not easy to flush it out in the shower because of its strong stickiness.

Unlike the polyacrylic acid type Sex Lubricant, the silicone type Sex Lubricant does not absorb water, so it does not dry easily and can be used on delicate areas.

The silicone based Sex Lubricant is not recommended for those who are considering contraceptive use.

The reason for this is that the silicone base contains an oil component, which is very incompatible with the rubber component, and in some cases, the condom can melt.

If you don’t want to get pregnant because of inadequate contraceptive measures, avoid the silicone base.

If you want to enjoy the smooth contact of your body with a sticky body, then I recommend it.


Oil-based Sex Lubricant has a unique feel and drying properties. It is also suitable for long-term use, but be aware that oil base is also incompatible with rubber condoms.

If you don’t want to reapply in the middle of sex, this oil-based Sex Lubricant is the way to go. The oil-based Sex Lubricant will smooth out the feel of sex and make it feel twice as good.

On the other hand, while it can give you deep pleasure, using a condom can destroy the original purpose of a condom.

The oil-based Sex Lubricant also has the disadvantage that it is difficult to wash off if it gets on sheets or clothes.

Natural lube

The vagina and anus are very sensitive areas and some people want natural lubricants to avoid irritating or potentially dangerous substances.

It is generally recommended to avoid lubricants that contain sugars such as parabens, petroleum, and glycerin.

You may want to avoid anything that has too many ingredients in Sex Lubricant. Some of those ingredients may be harmful to your body.

Spotted Root’s Sex Lubricant has a fresh Sex Lubricant that maximizes the benefits of aloe as a natural plant-based moisturizer.

I recommend products that are labeled as natural or additive-free because they are gentle on the skin and body, so you can use them with confidence.

The organic Sex Lubricant is also gentle on your body.

How to use sex lubricant

If you are using Sex Lubricant in bed, place a large towel on top of your bed sheet before masturbation.

First of all, take a little bit of Sex Lubricant in your palm and apply it gently to your breasts, stomach and other sensory areas.

When you are feeling a little more comfortable, add more Sex Lubricant to your thighs and sensitive areas and massage.

Love Sex Lubricant when using a sex toy, or even if you do it yourself, Love Sex Lubricant will give you a deep pleasure experience.

When you are accustomed to repeated solo masturbation, take a generous amount of Sex Lubricant out of your hand and enjoy long periods of clitoral and anal stimulation until you orgasm, and when the Sex Lubricant is dry, add more.

The choice of location is important when using the Sex Lubricant for sex.

When two people use sex lubricant together, you will use a lot of it, and if you move around a lot, it can be difficult to clean the bed, sheets and other items in the room.

It is recommended that you have sex with your partner in the bath to avoid the aftermath.

If you have sex in the bath, spills will not be a problem and can be easily rinsed off in the shower after sex, so choose your bathroom so you can concentrate on your Sex Lubricant play.

Once you’ve put on the Sex Lubricant, stroke and lightly massage each other’s bodies to enhance the atmosphere.

When you cover your nipples and clitoris with the Sex Lubricant and blame them, they will become more sensitive and responsive, which will surely increase your arousal level.

Avoid at all costs

There are a few things to be aware of when using Sex Lubricant. Make sure there are some ingredients and Sex Lubricant to avoid. Ingredients to be avoided are as follows

Propylene glycol
Chlorhexidine gluconate.

Although it varies from person to person, products containing the ingredients listed above may be more irritating and irritating and may cause irritation, so you may want to rip them.

Also, to minimize the risk of infection, choose one that is free of parabens, glycerin and petroleum.

There are many different types of Sex Lubricants on the market and it can be difficult to choose the right one, but water-soluble Sex Lubricants and naturally occurring Sex Lubricants are safer if they enter the body via the mouth.

If you are a Sex Lubricant novice, choose the safest one to eliminate your anxiety during sex.

Recommended Sex Lubricants

We have explained the different types of Sex Lubricant and how to use it. Finally, we’ve also recommended Sex Lubricant for women and why you should use it.

If you’re not sure what to buy when choosing a Sex Lubricant, please refer to this article.

Pepe Specials Sexy Night 150ml

Pepe Sex Lubricant sold by Pepe is a polyacrylic acid type Sex Lubricant, so it is characterized by its high viscosity and sticky feeling.

If you don’t like the high viscosity, you can adjust the viscosity to your liking by diluting it with water to make it even thicker.

This Sex Lubricant has been specially formulated for anti-aging and will lead to a better sex life. Its high viscosity allows for longer sex sessions.

It is colorless and odorless, so you can use it during sex without worrying about it, and it can be easily rinsed off after sex, which is one of the most popular reasons for its popularity.

Some high viscosity products can be difficult to rinse off, but with this product, you don’t have to think about what to do with it after sex at all.


It is one of the most popular items in the USA and one of the top selling items on amazon.

It is a highly functional Sex Lubricant made with high technology and is made with Polyquaternium 15, a plant-based lubricating ingredient originally developed by the American company Biofilm.

It is a water-soluble water-based product, so it is perfectly safe to use with condoms.

It has no scent or color, so it has no sting and can be used without ruining the sex atmosphere.

As you use it, it gradually becomes warmer and warmer, especially if you want to feel warmth from sex as well as a smooth texture.

If you want to achieve gentle and quality sex for Sex Lubricant beginners, you can’t go wrong with the above products.

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