Must-Have Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples and Single

In recent years, there has been a greater understanding of LGBT people, allowing them to express their respective forms of love more openly and freely.

These days, there are items developed for lesbians that allow them to enjoy sex more and love each other more deeply.

Sex toys for lesbians are being researched and improved every day, and they are all well designed and innovative.

There is a wide variety of sex toys to keep an eye out for, whether it’s something to help your partner climax, something to stimulate each other, or something that cannot be produced by a human being.

If you are interested in sex toys for lesbians, then this article is for you.

You’ll be able to find one that suits you and your partner’s body and preferences.

How to choose sextoy for lesbian

I think some people want to enjoy sex in a masculine way in a female relationship by attacking a woman with penetration.

On the other hand, I think there are people who have a desire to be violently blamed by a woman.

For those people, strap on is the way to go.

A strap-on dildo (also strap-on, genitalia or dildo heart) is a dildo designed to be worn, usually with a harness, during sexual activity.

Harnesses and dildos are made in a wide variety of styles, with variations in how the harness fits the wearer, how the dildo attaches to the harness, as well as various features intended to facilitate stimulation of the wearer or a sexual partner.

Strap-on dildo- Wikipedia

The strap on was originally a device to support sexual activity for men with erectile dysfunction.

It allows the dildo to be attached to a band, which is then wrapped around the waist and inserted into a woman’s vagina or into a man’s or woman’s anus while swinging their hips.

This is a popular item among lesbians and allows the attacker to wear the strap on and insert his or her penis into the partner’s vagina for stimulation.

There is a limit to the amount of stimulation that can be given to a lesbian without the strap-on item, but the use of sex toys like the strap-on increases the variety of ways to have sex.

In addition to strap on, the double-headed dildo is also recommended.

This is something that should be used by lesbians who want to enjoy the pleasure of both of them at the same time.

Ordinary dildos only have the glans on one end of the strap-on, so they can only stimulate one of the two sexes.

However, the double-headed dildos have the glans on both ends, so you can enjoy penetration with your partner face-to-face.

You can enjoy the visual excitement of watching your partner feel the orgasm in front of you and the physical stimulation of vaginal penetration at the same time.

You can also insert yourself in a back position with each other as well as facing each other.

As you can see, the variation of sex increases by using these items. There are other sex toys that are recommended for lesbians as well as the ones I’ve mentioned above.

What are the benefits of lesbian sextoys

The first benefit of using a sex toy is to prevent couples from getting into a rut. When you’re in a relationship with your lover for a long time, it’s inevitable that you’ll be in a rut.

It’s impossible to keep the tension and freshness of a new relationship and keep sex going.

Improving the quality of sex with a sex toy can add new changes and stimulation to the traditional sexual act.

It can provide power and vibration that cannot be produced by humans.

Usually lesbian sex involves caressing and oral play with the hands, as the play is without male genitalia.

There are a wide range of lesbian sex toys, such as dildos and strap ons, that can be used for this purpose.

You may be concerned about whether you are making your partner feel good while having sex again.

You can use sex toys as a weapon to add to your own techniques and bring your partner to climax.

What types of lesbian sex are there?

Now that you understand the benefits that lesbians can get from using sex toys, we’ll find out what types of sex toys are actually available.

This includes some that you may not have heard of before, but imagine what situations you could use them in.

We’ll explain not only the different types, but also how to use those sex toys for reference.


Classic vibrator

There are many types of vibrators as you know, but this Classic vibrator comes in a common shape. This Classic vibrator is designed to stimulate deep into the vagina.

The Classic vibrator has a swinging tip to provide stimulation inside the vagina and a prong in the middle of the rod to provide stimulation to the clitoris, and although there are many different types of Classic vibrators, it is possible to stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris at the same time.

Of course, some of them are designed to be inserted simply by inserting them in the vagina without the prongs.

The Classic vibrator is available in a variety of sizes. They can be very compact, average-sized or large, and you should choose one based on your vagina or your partner’s vagina.

If you are a vibrator novice, choose a small and compact size instead of a larger size to start with.

In addition to the size, the features also vary from item to item. The vibration function, speed, rotation, swing function, etc. vary from one vibrator to the next.

It’s hard to know which one is best for you until you try it out.

Be sure to clean the vibrator before and after using it. If you are not used to using the vibrator, you can use a condom to make the penetration smoother and feel the stimulation more easily.

When you first insert it, move it slowly to find the point where you feel comfortable.

Once you get used to the insertion, and you know where the pleasure point is, move it hard. You can enjoy deep pleasure that you can’t experience in normal sex.

Magic wand

Originally used as a massage device, the Magic wand generates more than 10,000 vibrations per minute by spinning its motor at high speed.

By applying this high speed rotation to the body, it can stimulate the contact area, relieving the pain and in some places providing a pleasant sensation.

The pleasure that cannot be produced by the human being can be obtained by vibrating with a large output.

The Magic wand has an attachment that allows you to stimulate not only the clitoris but also the vagina.

The main advantage of the Magic wand is that it can also be used as a massager, which is the main purpose of the Magic wand, so if your friends and family members see you using it, they will not be as suspicious as other sex toys.

The first thing you should do with the Magic wand is to apply it to the vaginal area on top of your partner’s underwear to stimulate the vagina.

For some people, you may want to try applying it to the vagina in a standing position. Different people are comfortable with different positions to feel orgasm, so explore and try it out.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to insert Magic wand into the vagina because the tip is too thick. The attachment works like a vibrator because you can insert it into the vagina while maintaining the vibrations of the Magic wand.

Clitoral vibrator

Female orgasms can be divided into two main categories: inside orgasm, which climaxes by stimulating the sexual zones in the vagina, such as the G-spot and the portio, and outside orgasm, which climaxes by stimulating the clitoris primarily.

Some women do not have inside orgasm even if it is inserted into the vagina, and some women have an orgasm right away with outside orgasm.

The Clitoral vibrator is an adult toy with a vibrating feature that stimulates the clitoris. This vibrator is designed in such a way that it can stimulate the clitoris.

Since women cannot use this clitoral vibrator to insert themselves into the vagina or anus, it is highly recommended for lesbians who find the clitoris the easiest to feel among the sexual zones.

Most clitoral sex and toys are nowadays waterproof and can be easily cleaned before and after sexual activity.

Remote control vibrator

Remote control vibrator allows one of you to control the remote control to vibrate the vibrator in your partner’s vagina even when you are apart.

You can stimulate it on the train, while walking, while shopping and anywhere else you want.

Of course, the most orthodox way to enjoy it is to use it for sex in bed. It’s also a great way to get out of a sex rut.

Most sex toys these days are waterproof, so you can use them in the shower or in the bathroom.

If you want to dominate your partner, this may be the product for you. You’ll be thrilled to see your partner enduring a situation where he or she will moan in public that you should never feel.

This tension of not knowing when the vibrations are coming will further increase your sensitivity.

Some of the high-tech vibrators can be controlled with your smartphone, so you can enjoy using them when you’re out and about without people knowing that you’re using them.

Finger vibrator

A finger vibrator is essential for G-spot stimulation, and some people have found it difficult to make their fingers squirt or lead them to orgasm during sex.

The appeal of finger vibrators is that they can create vibrations and frictional stimulation that you would never be able to create with your own fingers alone.

In addition, the finger vibrators have excellent control, which allows for more precise stimulation.

Some sex toys can produce strong vibrations, while others are too big to hide or are difficult to put away.

However, this finger vibrator does not look like an exhaust toy at a glance, and if it is put away in the bag, it is not possible to distinguish what is in it.

The power that gives a pleasant feeling is enough though it is small, and the sound is quiet, and it is possible to make it sneak into an underwear.

It’s pretty hard to get your fingers into the vagina for fingering. And bending up and down with just your fingers can be very hard on your arms.

If I use the finger vibrator, I can reduce it to an arm and lead it to a climax efficiently.

The price is also cheaper than other sex toys, so it’s safe to say that it’s also very cost-effective. Why not make your partner feel good with the finger vibrator?


A dildo is simply a sex toy in the shape of a man’s penis. There are a variety of dildos available, some with suction cups that can be attached to the floor or wall for insertion, and others that are strapped on.

The double-headed dildos are the most popular type of dildo for lesbians.

Ordinary dildos have the glans on only one side of the body, but with the double-headed dildos, you can enjoy strong stimulation from your partner at the same time.

You can enjoy two things: the visual pleasure of seeing your partner feel stimulation in front of you, and the physical pleasure you can feel by inserting the dildo into your vagina.

In sex, one of them goes at it and the other one is attacked, but the biggest advantage is that both of them can give each other stimulation at the same time.

The two-headed dildos can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as penetrating facing each other, penetrating each other in a back to back position, or in a cowgirl position.

Some dildos are made to imitate the male penis and do not move, but there are also dildos with swinging tips that vibrate. If you want to know more about dildos, here are some articles to help you find a good one.

G-spot vibrator

The G-spot is the second most famous sexual area for women, after the clitoris, and is the most likely to cause sexual arousal.

It is a spongy urethral sponge on the anterior wall of a woman’s vagina that is about the size of a coin.

The structures surrounded by the clitoris, urethra and vagina are called the CUV structures, and this is what is called the G-spot.

The G-spot is considered difficult to develop. The G-spot is located on the anterior wall of the vagina about 4-5 cm into the vulva, behind the pubic bone, and it is very difficult to feel.

It is rough to the touch and swells up when sexually stimulated.

However, the position of the G-spot varies from person to person and for some people the G-spot may be off to the left or right or further back in the vagina, so try to find it patiently.

When a woman feels uncomfortable, her body twitches when it hits a pleasant spot or feels uncomfortable.

Watch your partner’s reaction and ask, “Does it feel good here? You can also search for the G-spot by asking yourself, “What is the G-spot?

The G-spot vibrator makes it easy to stimulate the famously hard to find G-spot.

The G-Spot vibrator is designed to help you pinpoint the G-spot, so if you’re worried about the difficulty of developing it with your fingers, you should use it now.

You can try using the vibrator in turn with this vibrator.

Strap on

Strap on is a sex toy that is used to secure a pseudo-penis to the waist.

It is divided into two types: the type to be wrapped with a belt and the type to be worn like pants.

It was originally developed as an aid for men with erectile dysfunction, but nowadays it is very popular because women can also wear it and make their partners feel good about themselves.

If you use it without practicing, you may have a hard time with the angle of insertion or swinging your hips.

Read the instruction manual of the item after you buy it and learn how to use it. For beginners, it is important to choose a strap-on that is stable around the waist.

Some women’s bodies have difficulty fitting, so choose a strap-on with a long, adjustable belt. Make sure it doesn’t come off during sex.

It is also important to check the size and material of the dildo in order to have comfortable sex with the Strap on.

It is a good idea to choose the right one with your partner when you first buy a Strap-on.

Anal beads

Anal beads are sex toys that stimulate the anal area. Generally, it is a rod with a number of small balls attached to it, which gives a unique stimulation to the anal area.

Anal sex is also popular among lesbians as a way to stimulate not only the vagina but also the anus.

Anal beads have a larger hole than the anus, so they give intense stimulation when they are put in and out of the anus, which leads to a great deal of pleasure.

If you’ve tried some of the sex toys for lesbians that we’ve introduced so far and weren’t satisfied, or if you want to enjoy anal stimulation as well, this is the sex toy for you.

Anal development takes time, so if you use lotion while inserting it, you can insert it smoothly and enjoy the deep pleasure of anal stimulation.

Double Dildos

The double-headed dildo is a toy in which two women connect their cunts together for sex with a dildo that has a glans head at each end. It is a classic sex item for lesbians.

The biggest advantage of the two-headed dildos is that you and your sex partner can feel strong stimulation at the same time.

With a standard dildo, only one of the dildos has the glans on one side of the penis, so you can’t feel the stimulation at the same time.

By having the turtle head on both ends, you can feel both visual and physical stimulation because you can insert the penis while facing each other in front of your eyes.

It is especially recommended for lesbian couples who want to stimulate each other excitedly with their partners.

Notes on using lesbian sextoys

Sex toys should be handled with care because of the sensitive nature of the genitals.

Always wash them before and after use, keep them clean and away from other parts of the body, and use condoms or lotions, depending on the item.

Don’t use items that can harbor bacteria or cause harm to your body.

Although they improve the quality of sex, they can be dangerous depending on how you use them. Read the instruction manual for proper use.