The Best Vibrators that women in India and How to use them

Have you ever used a vibrator for sex or masturbation? If you are interested in using a vibrator then find your favorite vibrator in this article.

Vibrators are very popular among sex toys in India and are used in masturbation as well as sex.

Sexual activity using vibrations can give you more orgasms and satisfaction than regular sex.

In this article, we’ve collected only the most popular vibrators for Indian woman.

Types of Vibrators in India

There are many types of vibrators available in India, including those that can stimulate the G-spot, items that can provide pleasure to the clitoris, and those designed to provide simultaneous stimulation to both.

Bullet vibrators Stimulate the clitoris, nipples, vagina, and other sexually sensitive areas.
GSpot vibrators Excellent for stimulating Gspot.
clit vibrators Recommended for those who want to have an orgasm on the clitoris
egg vibrators Extra-vaginal sexual areas such as nipples and clitoris
Rabbit vibrators It can stimulate the clitoris and vagina at the same time
Remote vibrators You can stimulate your sexual zones remotely
nipple vibrators Good for nipple stimulation
Magic Wand

Can provide strong vibrations to the clitoris and nipples


Bullet vibrators

Bullet vibrators are very popular with women because they can be inserted into the nipple, clitoris or into the vagina to provide strong stimulation.

Their simple design does not give a negative impression and they are easily portable.

Many women use it not only at home but also on the go.

The following Bullet Vibrators are popular among women in India.

Product Bullet vibe silver Sexy Bullet vibrator Fling Vibe Orenge
Price Rs1,125 Rs2,200 Rs1,136


GSpot vibrators

Next, we recommend gspot vibrators, the G-spot is one of the sexual zones in a woman’s vagina where you can feel the inside orgasm.

If you’re trying to stimulate this area of the body with your fingers during sex, it can be difficult to do so, so use gspot vibrators to give your partner deep pleasure.

By using this G-spot, you can efficiently stimulate your sexual zones and feel the inside orgasm.

Product Multi Function
G spot Vibrator
Medon Massage
vibrator pink
Purple little devil
vibe for G
Price Rs3,000 Rs4,750 Rs4,875

Clit vibrators

The clitoris is the sexual area that women are most sensitive to. Many women find that masturbation and sex feel best when they orgasm on the clitoris.

There are a number of vibrators that can help women feel better on the clitoris.

There are some clitoral vibrators that can stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris at two points at the same time.

We will introduce you to some of the most popular clit vibrators in India.

Product Lipstick vibes Cat Punch W
MARO Kawaii No.2
Price Rs1,375 Rs3,375 Rs5,824

egg vibrators

Egg vibrators are designed to stimulate not only pussy, but also anal, clitoris, neck, nipples and other parts of the body.

You can adjust the vibration with the controller, and just having one of these will increase your sex satisfaction.

It is relatively inexpensive compared to other vibrators.

Product New Skeleton
Rotor clear
Classic Egg
vibrators Black
Aqua MANTA 101
Price Rs500 Rs700 Rs2,118

Rabbit vibrators

Some of you may not have heard of rabbit vibrators. rabbit vibrators are usually made in the shape of a phallic shaft for vaginal stimulation with a clitoral stimulator Attached to the shaft.

It is very popular among women because it can provide both pussy and clitoris with pleasure at the same time.

They are designed to look like a dildo with another rod attached to it, and there are also items that come with vibrations, so there are few things you can’t orgasm about.

Product Spiral Rabbit Vibe Cathy rabbit vibe Pink Wedding vibrator
Price Rs2,000 Rs4,750 Rs4,236

Remote controlled vibrators

Have you ever heard of remote controlled vibrators?

Usually when using electric adult products, they are often connected to a cord and their control range is limited.

With remote controlled vibrators, you can vibrate away from your partner, and you can even plant a vibrator in a woman outdoors and orgasm her from a distance.

The following are the recommended items that can revitalize such rutted sex.

Product Remote Pleasant egg Jugar SALTER LOCO MOTION
Price Rs2,500 Rs2,899 Rs3,155

nipple vibrators

We’ve been introduced to vibrators that stimulate the clitoris and pussy, but there are also vibrators available that provide pleasure to the nipples.

You can develop a new orgasm by using a nipple vibrator.

It can provide new stimulation for sex with him in a rut, and there are few men who are not excited by the sight of a woman wearing a suction-type nipple vibrator.

Product MARO Kawaii No.6 CHICHIKURI
DX wireless
Price Rs5,206 Rs3,202 Rs2,700


Magic Wand Vibrators

Finally, we will introduce the wand vibrators. This product was originally developed as a massage machine, so you won’t think of it as a sex toy if you have one in your home.

It is recommended for people who live with their families.

The size is large and the intensity of the vibration is one of the best sex toys in the world.

If you want to stimulate your clitoris and nipples, you should use this wand vibrators.

Product Minimamini white Fairy mini vibrator Kurodenma3
Price Rs1,514 Rs4,565 Rs3,926

Benefits of vibrators for Indian Women

The benefits of a vibrator to a woman’s body are as follows

  • A vibrator can help you sleep soundly
  • It can keep your vagina healthy
  • You can use encouragement for foreplay

A vibrator can help sleep soundly

Having an orgasm produces hormones that induce restful sleep. Theoretically, after reaching orgasm, you can have a good, restful sleep.

Humans produce the hormones “oxytocin” and “endorphins” during sex and masturbation.

Oxytocin suppresses the rise in blood pressure and relieves mental and physical stress. On the other hand, endorphins, also called brain drugs, have a sedative and tranquilizing effect.

These effects provide a good quality of sleep.

It can make you orgasm easily

In order to have pleasurable sex and reach orgasm, you need to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Most women don’t get a good workout of this muscle here.

Strengthening this muscle will not only increase sexual function and make it easier for women to orgasm, but it will also make your partner feel much better because the vaginal muscles contract.

You can use encouragement for foreplay

Maybe you don’t want to use a vibrator during sex. But using a vibrator in foreplay to stimulate her vagina will make it easier for her to get wet and easier to insert afterwards.

If her vagina is having trouble getting wet, you should use a vibrator right away.

How to use vibrators in India

If you’re new to vibrators, it’s hard to know where to start. Make sure you know how to use the vibrator after you buy it.

Here are the steps on how to use your vibrator.

How to use vibrators
  • Wash your vibrator
  • Get in the mood
  • Use lube
  • Experiment with speed and pressure
  • Try using a vibrator all over your body
  • Find Your Hot Spots

Take a look at the above instructions on how to use the vibrator and master how to use it while using the vibrator alone before sex.

Wash your vibrator

Even if you buy a new vibrator, make sure you wash it thoroughly.

Vibrators deal with the delicate parts of the body, so if you get into your body through a dirty vibrator, you’re in trouble.

It is important to wash it off after sex and masturbation, as well as before use, just to make sure it is clean.

Get in the mood

Once the vibrator is rinsed off, you can set the mood.

You can also enjoy a pre-orgasmic masturbation while watching a naughty adult video. Get your vagina wet as you tease your nipples and vagina while relaxing your entire body.

Creating an atmosphere and feeling is very important when using a vibrator.

Use lube

When you feel ready to put your sex toy to use, apply the right amount of lotion around the vagina.

Applying the lotion will help reduce friction with the vibrator. Never insert the vagina without it being wet.

Experiment with speed and pressure

Once the insertion begins in lotion, move the vibrator slowly. As you get used to the insertion, you can try varying the speed and pressure.

There are different types of vibrators, such as those that allow you to enjoy the stimulation of the outside and insertion, and those that provide stimulation outside the vagina only.

It is recommended that you start out by moving them slowly to get used to them.

Try using a vibrator all over your body

The vibrator can be used on other body parts as well as pussy. You can stimulate various parts of your body such as your nipples, tits, and neck. Moving it slowly or quickly will help you to feel the stimulation.

Find Your Hot Spots

You can find your own deeply pleasurable areas by making contact with the vibrator on many body points. Masturbate alone before sex to find the Hot Spots.


Notes on using Vibrators

There are some precautions that you should know before using a vibrator. Let’s make sure that you are comfortable with your vibrator.

  • Choose the right one for you instead of using a thicker vibrator from the start
  • Always perform maintenance before and after use
  • Use lotion

The most important thing to remember when using a vibrator is to take care of yourself and your health without overdoing it.

Some sex toys come in attractive sizes that you may not normally experience. If a beginner chooses these big sizes, it is naturally bad for your body.

Be sure to choose a size that is appropriate for your body at first.

Also, be sure to clean the vibrator after you are done using it. If you leave it as it is, it will not only smell fishy and stale, but it will also become a breeding ground for germs.

Most sex toys are waterproof, but be sure to check before you buy them.

Finally, we recommend using a lotion. It will reduce friction during insertion and will give you a safe and deep pleasure experience.