Benefits of Rabbit Vibrator and how to use it properly in India

If you continue to masturbate and have sex in the same way, you will get stuck in a rut, and your body will not feel any more stimulated than before.

The sex toy I would like to recommend to women who want to experience a new kind of superlative pleasure is the Rabbit Vibrator.

You can stimulate the clitoris and the vagina at the same time with this rabbit vibrator, while most vibrators can only stimulate one place.

The Rabbit Vibrator is an excellent tool for women who have never had an orgasm in the vagina, but it can also be used for women who have never had an orgasm in the vagina.

This article summarizes everything about the Rabbit Vibrator in an easy-to-understand manner, from its benefits to how to use it to its recommended items.

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What is a Rabbit Vibrator

A rabbit vibrator is a vibrator designed to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot at the same time.

Vibrators generally only allow you to give focused stimulation in one place like the clitoral vibrator or the G-spot vibrator, but the Rabbit Vibrator is different.

A rabbit vibrator is a vibrating sex toy, usually made in the shape of a phallic shaft for vaginal stimulation with a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft.
The name of the device is derived from the fact that the clitoral stimulator looks like a pair of rabbit ears.

Rabbit vibrator – Wikipedia

When you first look at this vibrator, you may be surprised to see that it is oddly shaped compared to other common vibrators.

However, it’s a strange shape compared to other common vibrators. In India, vibrators that are a little different are becoming more and more popular among women.

Let’s unravel the mystery of why so many people use rabbit vibrators.

Why it’s called a rabbit vibrator

The earliest designs of rabbit vibrators consisted of rabbit ears that provided stimulation around the vagina with a flapping motion.

These designs have changed over time and have gradually moved away from the rabbit ear-like design, but there are still vibrators that are reminiscent of rabbit ears.

The tip of the rabbit vibrator is divided into two hands, the penis-shaped tip is inserted into the vagina, while the other rabbit ear-shaped tip is designed to design the clitoris.

In other words, it is so named because the part that stimulates the clitoris is shaped like a rabbit’s ear.

Recently, the design has been gradually improved, so even those who are not so fond of rabbits can use it, and there is a wide range of products available for those who want to use a rabbit-shaped vibrator.

What are the benefits of rabbit vibrators

The Rabbit Vibrator is equipped with a straight shaft part with a protrusion for clitoral stimulation, just like a normal vibrator.

This elaborate design allows for simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot.

The quality of stimulation is one of the reasons why it has been impossible to reach orgasm with conventional sex and masturbation.

Simply stimulating the G-spot is not enough to bring you to climax.

If you give stimulation to the clitoris, which is another sexual zone, you can relieve the body of tension and give pleasure efficiently.

Ordinary vibrators only provide stimulation to the clitoris or to the vagina, which is the only part of the vagina that can be inserted.

Many women who have never had an orgasm before have been able to reach climax with a rabbit vibrator.

It is one of the best vibrators in terms of vibration and power.

Who would you recommend the Rabbit Vibrator to

The next step is to introduce who should use a vibrator. As explained earlier, the rabbit vibrator is especially recommended for people who want to increase the pleasure of masturbation.

Those who have become accustomed to masturbating with fingers and sex toys and are looking for stronger stimulation should use a vibrator.

It can also be used not only for masturbation but also for sex with a partner.

If your favorite partner stimulates you, you will be able to experience more pleasure than you can get from normal masturbation.

Since women can feel stronger stimulation than usual, men can also enjoy watching her feel the sex toy while feeling its power.

There are many people who are resistant to sex toys such as vibrators, but once you try it, you will become addicted to it and can’t stop.

If you’re starting to get bored with sex with your boyfriend recently, you might want to try it out.


Types of Rabbit Vibrators

There are many designs and colors of vibrators that you can choose from. The vibrations and the way the tip moves also vary from one to the next.

Some vibrators have a penis-shaped tip, like a dildo, while others have a pointy tip to help stimulate the G-spot, like a rabbit vibrator.

The intensity of the vibrations and the sound of the vibrations also vary from product to product.

The price can range from Rs 2000 for the cheapest items to more than Rs 6000 for the most expensive ones.

The most important part of a rabbit vibrator, the protruding part that stimulates the clitoris, also varies in shape.

The best one for you will depend on your body and the shape of your vagina, so it’s best to experiment with them to find your favorite one.
As the

The difference between a clitoral vibrator and a clitoral vibrator

A rabbit vibrator can stimulate the clitoris and vagina at the same time, whereas a clitoral vibrator can only stimulate the clitoris.

The shape and design varies from product to product, but the clitoris is smaller in size and the area to be stimulated seems smaller than the clitoris.

The area to be stimulated is smaller, so the area to be stimulated is also smaller in structure.

On the other hand, the tip of the Rabbit Vibrator, which stimulates the inside of the vagina, is as big as a penis, and the part that stimulates the clitoris is also there, so it tends to be larger in structure than the clitoral vibrator.

It can be said that the clitoral vibrator is more user-friendly, but in terms of functionality, the rabbit vibrator is still superior to the clitoral vibrator.

A clitoral vibrator that specializes in stimulating the clitoral area is recommended for those who are particularly sensitive to the clitoris, and a rabbit vibrator is recommended for those who want to feel orgasms by efficiently stimulating both.

What materials are used

Rabbit vibrators are generally made of silicone and Emastra material. The materials used in Rabbit Vibrator are high quality and sometimes used in medical applications, so it is safe for all people to use it.

The material is soft and comfortable to touch, so you can enjoy insertion without damaging your skin.

The same can be said for all vibrators, but if you use a lubricant to insert the vibrator into the vagina, the insertion will be smoother and you will experience deeper pleasure.

If you suffer from a vagina that is not wet, you can use a set of lotions to make sex and masturbation more comfortable.

How to use the Rabbit Vibrator

Now that you know the appeal and features of the Rabbit Vibrator, we’ll make sure you know how to use it correctly.

No matter how good a quality product you use for masturbation or sex, if you use it in the wrong way, you will not be able to experience strong pleasure.

Please refer to this article as I will introduce how to use it from the preparation stage. If you neglect preparation and foreplay and insert the vibrator, you will feel pain and discomfort.


As with any sex toy, you must prepare yourself before playing. If your vagina is not wet enough during masturbation or sex, and you feel pain, you will not be able to enjoy the pleasure and you will not be able to climax.

In addition to lubricant, don’t forget to bring towels, tissues, and condoms. Also, make sure that there are no stains or scratches before you use it.


Before using the vibrator, relax the body by relaxing all the sexual zones of the body while relieving the tension in the body.

Teasing and stimulating the sexual zones during masturbation and sex increases sensitivity and makes it easier for women who have difficulty with orgasms to climax.

While masturbating, watch naughty videos to enhance your mood, imagining a space where you can feel as if someone you love is right in front of you.

If you do not feel heightened during sex or masturbation, you will not be able to have an orgasm. If you insert the vibrator while you are feeling aroused, the pleasure is doubled.

Before insertion

Before insertion, it is a good idea to wear a condom and a condom to smooth the insertion. Condoms can help you avoid invisible germs that are attached to the vibrator.

It is important to apply lube to the vagina before insertion, whether masturbation or sex.

These lubricants reduce the friction between the vagina and the vibrator and allow the woman to perform insertion easily and without pain.

Using a rabbit vibrator while wearing a condom makes it easier to clean even after the sexual act is over.


At first, you should move it as if you were exploring a pleasure point by inserting it without vibration. Anyway, move it slowly so that you do not feel pain.

When you get used to the insertion, turn on the vibration switch and move it vigorously.

If you don’t have smooth penetration, take out a vibrator and add some lubricant or watch a movie to increase your excitement and wait until your vagina is wet.

Getting the vagina wet will allow for smoother penetration and deeper pleasure.

Maintenance Methods

Most Rabbit Vibrators are rechargeable and water-draining, which means you can use them as often as you like with the right maintenance.

When you’re done using it, rinse it off in the shower and immediately wipe it dry with a towel. After it dries, store it in a designated case to keep it out of contact with other objects.

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Recommended vibrators

We’ve reviewed the benefits of Rabbit Vibrator and how to use it. Finally, we will introduce you to some items that you should use if you are interested in Rabbit Vibrator. Enjoy the best masturbation and sex by using the following rabbit vibrators well.

Spiral Rabbit Vibe

This rabbit vibrator is especially recommended for those who want to feel the penetration of a penis while masturbating, as it is close to the color of the penis.

In addition, the surface has several layers of folds, which provide strong stimulation inside the vagina.

The clitoris and the inside of the vagina are stimulated at the same time, and the tip swings around, so you can enjoy the best feeling.

The length is 18.5 centimeters long, and the vibrations can be adjusted. The design is quite aggressive and impressive, which can stimulate the clitoris and G-spot in a moderate manner.

If you don’t want to use it because of its penis-like design, this may not be the right choice for you.

It is especially recommended for those who want to feel the penis while masturbating and feel the clitoris and vagina at the same time.

Ocan’s5 vibrator Black

This rabbit vibrator can stimulate the clitoris as well as the tip of the vibrator, because the size of the tip is large.

The color of the vibrator is black, so even those who are resistant to the penis can use it without any discomfort.

The clitoris is equipped with countless protrusions, so it is possible to stimulate the clitoris efficiently.

The moment it is inserted, it pistons violently, and the stimulation can be sent to the back of the vagina.

The area where the clitoris is stimulated has a large area and can be captured securely compared to other vibrators.

The price will exceed RS5000, but there is no doubt about the quality, and you can certainly feel stronger stimulation than ever before and climax.

Pink Wedding vibrator

This vibrator is pink, but its shape resembles that of a penis, so when you insert it, you will feel as if you are inserting a male organ.

Just by turning on the switch, the tip of the vibrator will stimulate the back of the vagina by repeatedly moving up and down. The material is soft to the touch, made of estramer.

Thanks to this softness, it is possible to achieve orgasm.

This sex toy has a smooth speed change and is waterproof. After use, it can be rinsed off and stored dry so that it can be used again next time in clean conditions.

It can be used for the development of various sexual organs as well as for the smooth sucking of the clitoris while inserted into the vagina.

The price of Rs. 4236 is not an inexpensive price, but the quality is solid and will make your masturbation and sex life more fulfilling.