How to use a dildo and tips for dildo masturbation

Many people can feel it in the clitoris during sex or masturbation but cannot reach the orgasm in the vagina.

The problem of not being able to feel in that INSIDE orgasm is a problem that many people have, not just you.

In fact, the vaginal sex orgasm takes a long time to develop, and it is said that it cannot be developed efficiently without the use of a sex toy.

A sex toy, a dildo, can be used to develop the sexual zones in the vagina and change your body to one that is easier to get pleasure from.

If the body becomes easy to feel, you can feel deeper pleasure by masturbation and sex than ever before.

This article shows you how to stimulate the vagina with a dildo and what sex toys you should use for dildo masturbation.

First of all, you can use this article as a reference to find your sexual organs and make your body easier to feel while doing dildo masturbation alone.

What is a dildo, exactly?

A dildo is an adult product that is designed to mimic a man’s penis. Dildos are almost the same shape and color as the penis, and are basically used by many women for masturbation.

A dildo is a sex toy, often explicitly phallic in appearance, intended for sexual penetration or other sexual activity during masturbation or with sex partners.

Dildo – Wikipedia

They are also used by couples to help men stimulate a woman’s vagina.

For the most part, dildos are used to help women develop their vaginal sexuality and create a body that feels good and is used for sex practice.

Other similar sex toys include vibrators, but vibrators have a vibration function, but generally dildos do not have a vibration function and are manually inserted into the vagina.

The most popular sex toy item among women is the dildo or vibrator, and each person has a different preference.

The main attraction of dildos is that you can move them with your own hands and develop your sexual orgasm at your own pace.

Even if you have difficulty feeling it in the vagina or have never felt an oragasm, you can stimulate it safely, and many sex toy beginners start with a dildo.

You too can practice sex with a dildo that resembles a real penis while developing your sexuality with a dildo.

Benefits of Dildos

The typical sex toys used in female masturbation are a “dildo” and a “vibrator”. Since you may be confused about which one to choose, we will check the merits of a dildo first.

You can develop your vaginal sex zone

But even if you ask your boyfriend to insert his penis in sex or masturbate with your feel-good clitoris, you won’t be able to develop a vaginal sexual sensation at all.

By moving the dildo with your own hands, you can gradually become accustomed to penetration while finding your own comfortable points.

If you can find that pleasant point, you can feel it more easily by consciously teasing it.

By finding the sexually sensitive areas and making your body easier to feel, the sensitivity and satisfaction of masturbation and sex will also increase.

They can practice sex

Dildos are not only inserted by hand, but sucker-type dildos are also available, so you can attach them to the floor or wall to simulate sex.

You can practice your weakest cowgirl position and explore how to move your hips, or you can find an angle that feels good by swinging your hips in a back position when you attach it to the wall and insert it.

If it’s the first time you’ve had sex or it’s been a while, you won’t know how to handle that penis.

The nice thing about dildos is that you can visualize sex and practice how to move your hips before you have sex, and many women use them for practice.

Disadvantages of dildos

We’ve discussed the benefits of dildos, but they are inferior to vibrators in some ways.

Dildos can be cheaper than vibrators, but they can be more labor intensive. I will explain both the dildo and its disadvantages.

You have to move it by hand

The first thing you have to do is to move it manually, which is more hard on your hands and arms than a vibrator.

Vibrators can send intense vibrations without moving your arm, so you won’t get too tired.

While dildos can be moved slowly and developed at your own pace, you will feel some fatigue.

Some dildos don’t come with suction cups, so if you want to reduce the strain on your arm, the suction cup type is recommended.

The trouble of building a stash

Unfortunately, the shape of the dildo resembles a real penis, so if someone else finds out you have a sex toy, they will know you have it.

Therefore, you need to be more careful about where you hide the sex toy after you use it than other sex toys.

Before you buy a sex toy, make sure you have a place to hide it where no one can find it. If you live with family members, it may be difficult to find your stash.

To prevent other people from finding out that you are using a dildo, make sure that you have a secret hiding place that only you know about.

Dildo recommendations

Many people have a vague idea about the shape, color and other features of dildos, but don’t know how to use them.

The way to use a dildo is different for each person and can be used to masturbate alone, but some women use it to have sex with their partners.

It is generally used for practice by people who have difficulty feeling stimulation in the vagina.

Developing sexual organs while masturbating

The most standard use of dildos is to develop sexual stimulation by placing them in the vagina.

Quite a few women can feel strong stimulation in the clitoris but do not enjoy the expected stimulation in the vaginal portio or G-spot.

You can’t feel the vaginal portio from the beginning, so you need to find a point that feels good and keep pushing there to keep stimulating it.

You can stimulate the pleasure points that you can’t feel in normal sex by moving the dildo by yourself.

By grasping that point that you feel good about, you can increase your satisfaction in both masturbation and sex.

In masturbation, you can push your penis against the pleasure point to make it feel good to the limit, and in sex, you can advise your partner on the angle and insertion position of your penis.

You can use a dildo to help you figure out where your sexual points are and increase your sensitivity. You can enjoy better quality sex.

Practicing Sex Blowjobs

Using a dildo is not just about developing your own sexuality and making yourself feel good, but it can also make you practice sex.

By using a suction cup type dildo, a woman can practice the cowgirl position, which allows her to become more active in the cowgirl position, so she can learn how to move her hips and buttocks during penetration by masturbating.

There is also a chance to practice blowjobs, which are performed during sex.

You can practice licking a penis without a partner by taking advantage of the penis-like shape of a dildo.

Dildos come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Practice providing stimulation to your boyfriend with the right dildo for your partner’s penis.

How to Choose a Dildo? – Things to Consider

The following are some points to consider when choosing a dildo for inside orgasm.

  • The thickness of the dildo
  • The hardness of dildos
  • The shape and function of dildos

Thickness of the dildo

In order to make you feel good with a dildo, first choose the “thickness” of the product.

If you look at a mail order website, you can find detailed descriptions of the product’s base and Corona of Glans penis thickness.

Check the thickness of the Corona of Glans penis or shaft. Some dildos have a firm Corona of Glans penis bulge that varies from root to head and thicker than others.

Women who like a big, thick penis may want to choose a thicker dildo.

On the other hand, if you like average-sized penises, choose a smaller dildo or a Corona of Glans penis that is thinner.

The next step after checking the size of Corona of Glans penis is to check the shaft or root thickness.

They can range from extremely thick to thin, but the thin type is recommended for beginners to dildos.

Instead of getting excited about a large penis and choosing a thicker one to start with, gradually go for a thicker dildo as you get more comfortable with the dildo.

Stiffness of dildos

Soft and hard dildos have a completely different tactile feel to them. This is an important point in choosing one because the feeling of inserting a dildo is different depending on its hardness.

Soft dildos are lighter on insertion and more gentle on the vagina.

If you are a beginner to use a dildo for the first time, this soft dildo is a good choice.

Even if you are not a beginner to dildos, women who like a soft touch or who want to gently torment the vagina should use a soft dildo instead of a hard one.

The advantage of hard dildos is that they are more stable than soft dildos.

This makes it ideal for hard pistoning with a sucker dildo or for fast insertion and removal. If you use a soft dildo, you will have to hold it in place by hand every time you piston.

The hardness of the dildo, like its thickness, depends on personal preference.

Shape and function of the dildo

Another important factor in choosing a dildo is its shape and function. In general, most dildos are straight, but there are some that are not straight, and some that are curved.

So far, we have told you that dildos are moved by hand and stimulated by hand, but there are also dildos with vibrating vibrators.

If you’re not satisfied with the shape of the penis, and you’re looking for intense vibrations, this is a great option for you.

There are also sucker-type dildos so you can enjoy masturbation in a cowgirl or back position by attaching it to the wall or the floor.

If you want to enjoy various types of pistons, then you should choose the suction cup type dildo.

How to use a dildo for best pleasure

Dildo masturbation is the most effective sex toy for inside orgasm.

Even women who have never felt a vaginal sensation before can experience stronger stimulation by developing their sexual organs with a dildo.

The proper use and practice of dildos can help women to have sex without anxiety.

There are many sexual zones in the vagina, so the process of using a dildo is a little complicated.

The basic process of dildo masturbation

Just because a dildo is an effective sex toy for sexual development doesn’t mean it can be developed quickly, and it takes time.

If you are a beginner who has never used a dildo before, you should practice it step by step.

The steps to develop are as follows

Wetting the vagina with foreplay

Whether you masturbate with a dildo or have sex, you need foreplay to get excited and wet your vagina.

To get your vagina wet, it is recommended and efficient to watch adult videos and erotic cartoons that increase your arousal level.

Try stroking your vagina, clitoris and other sexual areas while increasing your excitement.

Imagine your partner while watching the video, or even touch your neck and nipples to increase your mental sensitivity, which will naturally make your vagina wet and make inserting a dildo easier.

If a woman has trouble getting wet after repeated foreplay, a lubricant can make sex toys easier to handle.

Insert and blend

Once you have wet your vagina, then insert the dildo and blend it into your vagina.

Insert it slowly and move it slowly to explore the area that feels good. Again, using an item that gives you excitement, such as a video, will increase the sensitivity.

You may also want to stimulate your clitoris while using a sex toy while the dildo is still inserted.

As this excitement and sensitivity increases, the vagina with the dildo in it will begin to groan pleasantly and unconsciously.

It is very important to move it around without straining it at first to increase the sensitivity.

Push the point that feels good

Once the dildo is blended into the vagina, push the G-spot and portio into the vagina with the dildo and apply pressure.

Keep the pressure on the back of the vagina with the dildo to a level that you do not feel pain. Don’t overdo it and start with a short period of time as it may cause bleeding and pain.

If you are in a developed state, you can have inside orgasm even if the G-spot or portio is poked by the piston, but do not forcefully insert or remove the piston until your body gets used to it.

Don’t forcefully pull out until you get used to it.

①Development of inside orgasm in portio

It is said that the most effective stimulus for the inside orgasm in portio is not intense movements, but vibrations.

The vibration is given slowly to the point where it feels good, not a strong piston movement.

You don’t need to do special masturbation because the vibrations will be transmitted naturally and inside orgasm will be developed if you press the dildo gently.


Portio sexually explicit location

The portio sexual area is located at the back of a woman’s vagina, around the cervix; the location of the portio varies from person to person as the location of the portio varies from person to person.

Some people have relatively shallow portios, while others have deep portios, so it is necessary to spend some time looking for them through sex or masturbation.

When you put your middle finger in deep, there may be a protrusion in the back that has a slightly different texture. That area is the portio.

Wet it enough

Try to get wet while stimulating other sexual organs so that you don’t feel pain when you put your finger or dildo in deep.

If you’re not wet enough, try using lotion. If the clitoris is sufficiently stimulated at this stage, the uterus will come down and the portio will be easier to stimulate.

Stimulate in a steady rhythm

If you start to feel it in portio, continue stimulating at the same speed.

Women are more likely to focus on pleasure and feel orgasm if you stimulate them in a steady rhythm. It is important to keep the speed that is easy to feel not to give too much stimulation in a hurry.

The rhythm that feels good varies from person to person, so try various speeds.

Stimulation as you press

Place your finger near the base of the portio and press down on it in a gouging motion.

Even if you follow the steps so far carefully, it will take a considerable amount of time to feel in the portio. Let’s enjoy portio masturbation while developing slowly.

②Inside orgasm development in the G-spot

In addition to portio come, let’s look at how to do inside orgasm with a dildo. the way you feel in the G-spot is like feeling stimulation deep inside your body.

It is characterized by a fluffy pleasure flooding your entire body from the inside out.

Location of the G-spot

If you want to feel the orgasm in the G-spot with the dildo, move the angle of insertion of the dildo as far towards your abdomen as possible and push slowly.

By moving the handle from the abdomen to the buttocks, the tip of the tip of the dildo will point to the G-spot.

The position of the G-spot varies from person to person, so adjust the depth of the dildo to find the spot you feel most comfortable with.

Press the pleasure point

When you find a G-spot that you feel stimulated, you will focus on that point with the dildo.

If you haven’t developed the sexual zone of the G-spot yet, it’s difficult to feel the pleasure, but in that case, try to blame other sexual zones at the same time.

In that case, try to tease your body’s other sex zones at the same time, watching videos that stimulate and excite your clitoris and nipples with one hand.

By increasing the sensitivity of your body in this way, your body will be in a relaxed state and you will be able to feel orgasm easily, and as a result, you will be able to feel climax at the G-spot as well.

③Developing orgasm at the entrance of the vagina by pistoning

In order to make your body feel better during sex and masturbation, masturbation, in which you stimulate the entrance of the vagina while doing piston movements with the dildo, is also effective.

The only thing you need to do is to avoid hitting the back of the vagina with the dildo and repeat shallow pistoning motions to train the inside orgasm.

However, it will take a long time to feel orgasm if you only repeat the stimulation to the vagina with shallow piston movements.

Even if you try desperately to force yourself to feel the orgasm, you may not be able to bring it to climax, so be patient and continue to piston with the intention of enjoying the pleasure.

You won’t be able to feel orgasm at first, but if you continue this shallow piston movement, you will be able to get a body that can easily feel orgasm.

Try to feel inside orgasm in masturbation and sex, and work on it to feel higher quality pleasure.

Dildo Masturbation Positions You Should Try

I have explained how to use the dildo to feel orgasm in the vagina. I’ll also show you some positions to use the dildo to feel more stimulation.

The first one is called one-handed use, which is the basic motion of moving the dildo with your legs open.

While lying on the bed, you can bring one hand with the dildo to the vagina to stimulate it and use the other hand to stimulate other sexually active areas.

In the side use, the left hand is lifted under the right knee and the right hand is inserted with the dildo from behind.

There are many different positions in which you can masturbate with a dildo, such as reaching between your legs in the back sex position and inserting the dildo, the front-to-back insertion motion in a standing position, and the kneeling position where you feel the erotic sensation of your chest rubbing against your thighs.

Each person has their own preferences for this too, so find the best position while using the dildo.

Summary of dildo masturbation usage

How was it? The reality is that even if you can feel stimulation in the clitoris, it is difficult to feel orgasm in the vagina, and it takes time to develop the vagina’s sexual orgasm.

The dildos I’ve mentioned are recommended for people who want to have inside orgasm in their future sex and masturbation.

You can develop your vagina efficiently by using the optimal size dildo correctly.

You too can use the dildos and have a comfortable sex life.