How to use a dildo in India and tips for dildo masturbation

Many people can feel it in the clitoris during sex or masturbation but cannot reach the orgasm in the vagina.

The problem of not being able to feel in that INSIDE orgasm is a problem that many people have, not just you.

In fact, the vaginal sex orgasm takes a long time to develop, and it is said that it cannot be developed efficiently without the use of a sex toy.

A sex toy, a dildo, can be used to develop the sexual zones in the vagina and change your body to one that is easier to get pleasure from.

If the body becomes easy to feel, you can feel deeper pleasure by masturbation and sex than ever before.

This article shows you how to stimulate the vagina with a dildo and what sex toys you should use for dildo masturbation.

First of all, you can use this article as a reference to find your sexual organs and make your body easier to feel while doing dildo masturbation alone.

If you already have a dildo and want to learn how to use it right now, click here.

What is a dildo in India

A dildo is an adult product that is designed to mimic a man’s penis. Dildos are almost the same shape and color as the penis, and are basically used by many Dildos are almost the same shape and color as the penis, and are basically used by many women for masturbation.

A dildo is a sex toy, often explicitly phallic in appearance, intended for sexual penetration or other sexual activity during masturbation or with sex partners.

Dildo – Wikipedia

They are also used by couples to help men stimulate a woman’s vagina.

For the most part, dildos are used to help women develop their vaginal sexuality and create a body that feels good and is used for sex practice.

For the most part, dildos are used help women develop their vaginal sexuality and create a body that feels good and is used for sex practice. Other similar sex toys include vibrators, but vibrators have a vibration function, but generally dildos do not have a vibration function and are manually inserted into the vagina.

If you are a woman who is new to masturbation, I recommend dildos that allow you to develop your vaginal sexual zones at your own pace.

How to choose the right dildo in India

The first thing you need to know is how to choose the right dildo for you. If you don’t have a dildo yet, you can refer to this page.

Big or small?

If you are a beginner who has never masturbated before, you may want to buy a small dildo, which allows you to touch your vagina with one or two fingers. A small dildo is less than five inches long.

Most women prefer dildos that are about 6 inches long. The average male penis size is 5.2 inches, so you may want to try a dildo that is a little longer.

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If you are not a beginner and are used to inserting items into the vagina, we recommend using a 6-8 inch dildo for stimulation.

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Realistic or Non-Realistic?

Some dildos are the color of a real penis, while others are black. This preference varies from person to person, but if you are looking for a realistic dildo that more closely resembles a man’s penis, you can choose the Realistic dildo, and if you are not comfortable with realistic dildos, you can choose the Non-Realistic dildo.

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Silicone or glass?

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Both silicone and glass used in dildos are of high quality and can be used safely without causing any harm to the body. Silicone is more comfortable on the skin and provides a smooth insertion feeling. If you want to feel like a penis when you masturbate, you should use silicone.

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The glass type, on the other hand, allows you to enjoy temperature changes. You can put it in the refrigerator to cool it down, and the cool sensation when you insert the dildo into your vagina will increase your sensitivity. It also has a luxurious and transparent look, so if you are tired of real penises, you may want to try it for a change.

How to Use a Dildo for Indian Woman

Check out how to use a dildo, which is also popular among women in India.

Set the mood

It is important to keep your mood high when masturbating with a dildo. If you don’t set the mood, you won’t be able to masturbate comfortably. Relax your body by dimming the lights, watching pornographic videos, or reading erotic manga.

Relaxing your mood will help to wet your vagina and make the insertion of the dildo smoother and more pleasurable.

Warm up your pussy

Before inserting a dildo into your vagina, you need to “warm up” your vagina. No matter how small and easy the dildo is to insert, it must be prepared beforehand.

Rub your pussy – Start by stroking and stimulating the outside of the vagina and the clitoris.
Finger yourself – Before inserting the dildo, slowly insert one or two fingers of your own.
Lube up – Use a high quality lube to wet the vaginal area before insertion.

Most women find that they can have an orgasm on the clitoris, but find it difficult to have one in the vagina. If you prepare well before insertion, you will be able to have an orgasm naturally.

Deep thrusting dildo play

When inserting a dildo, always make sure you have applied lotion. If you use a water-soluble lotion, it can be easily washed off after use.

As you gradually insert the dildo and work your way in, look for your pleasure point. If you are a beginner, you may feel some discomfort, so take it out without straining.

If you use a dildo with suction cups, you can insert it without using your hands. You can put the dildo on the wall or floor and enjoy insertion from various positions and angles. You can use the dildo on the wall or floor to enjoy insertion from various positions and angles.

Short and rapid strokes

When you start to feel pleasure after inserting the dildo into your vagina and you are able to focus on the dildo you are inserting, you can start to shake it in small increments. This is a good way to find out if you are comfortable with the area.

By stimulating the G-spot and other sexually sensitive areas with the dildo while shaking it, you will gradually develop them.

G-spot stimulation

Do you understand the location of the G-spot? The G-spot is located 2-3 inches inside the upper wall of the vagina (closest to your stomach.) The G-spot is basically an extension of the clitoris and is said to be very sensitive.

The G-spot is basically an extension of the clitoris and is said to be very sensitive. Once you find the G-spot, slowly push the dildo into the area and massage it. It takes time for the vaginal sex area to reach orgasm, but do not panic and stimulate it.

Double penetration

Many women in India do double penetration. They will insert the dildo into both the buttocks and the vagina for the ultimate sensation. This is a difficult technique for beginners who have never done anal masturbation before, but once you get used to it, you will feel the ultimate pleasure.

Rotating dildo technique

There are other techniques that can improve the quality of dildo masturbation. When the dildo reaches the G-spot, which is located around 2-3 inches from insertion into the vagina, try rotating it. This will gently caress the G-spot and massage your vagina.

A-spot stimulation

You’ve heard about the G-spot, but have you heard about the A-spot? Known as the anterior canal sexual zone, the A-spot is also called the female prostate because it is located similar to the prostate found in men.

This pleasure zone is located on the anterior side of the vagina, or about 4-6 inches inside the vagina on the side near the stomach. It needs to be continuously stimulated to feel pleasure. Once discovered and pleasurable, it can lead to a deep orgasm.

Using a dildo anally

Women do not have a prostate gland like men, but the anus has a collection of nerve endings that are sensitive to stimulation, so inserting a dildo into the anus is very pleasurable. The hole in the anus is smaller than the vagina, making it more difficult to insert the item under tension.

If you try to insert a dildo into the anus by hand, it may be difficult to reach or grasp the position. In this case, you can use a suction cup dildo to solve the problem. You can enjoy anal masturbation more easily by inserting it while sticking it to the floor or wall.

Temperature play

You can cool or warm the dildo before insertion to enjoy the temperature change and feel the stimulation.

By warming it up, you can enjoy masturbating while feeling the original temperature of a man’s penis. If you are used to dildo masturbation, it is good to change the method a little.

Dildo Masturbation Positions You Should Try

I have explained how to use the dildo to feel orgasm in the vagina. I’ll also show you some positions to use the dildo to feel more stimulation.

The first one is called one-handed use, which is the basic motion of moving the dildo with your legs open.

While lying on the bed, you can bring one hand with the dildo to the vagina to stimulate it and use the other hand to stimulate other sexually active areas.

In the side use, the left hand is lifted under the right knee and the right hand is inserted with the dildo from behind.

There are many different positions in which you can masturbate with a dildo, such as reaching between your legs in the back sex position and inserting the dildo, the front-to-back insertion motion in a standing position, and the kneeling position where you feel the erotic sensation of your chest rubbing against your thighs.

Each person has their own preferences for this too, so find the best position while using the dildo.

Summary of dildo masturbation usage

How was it? The reality is that even if you can feel stimulation in the clitoris, it is difficult to feel orgasm in the vagina, and it takes time to develop the vagina’s sexual orgasm.

The dildos I’ve mentioned are recommended for people who want to have inside orgasm in their future sex and masturbation.

You can develop your vagina efficiently by using the optimal size dildo correctly.

You too can use the dildos and have a comfortable sex life.