The best bullet vibrators in India and how to use them

Do you know bullet vibrators. It is a sex toy with a very compact size and is a vibrator specifically for stimulating the female sex organs.

It is a popular sex toy not only in India but all over the world.

The stylish design and small size may make you suspect that the vibration is weak, but it effectively stimulates the clitoris and brings you to orgasm.

If you want to have an orgasm during masturbation or sex, but are a little resistant to large sex toys, this article will help you.

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What is Bullet Vibrators?

Bullet vibrators are sex toys that vibrate the clitoris, nipples, and other sexual organs of a woman or help to stimulate the vagina and bring her to orgasm.

Bullet vibrators can easily provide intense vibrations that cannot be produced by a human finger.

Of course, a woman can blame her own clitoris or vagina for masturbation, or she can ask her partner to stimulate her during sex with bullet vibrators.

Men can also feel aroused when stimulated with bullet vibrators rather than their own fingers, and with bullet vibrators they can be seen writhing in agony as they feel even more stimulated than usual.

Remember that bullet vibrators are a miniature version of magic wands.


The advantages and disadvantages of Bullet Vibrators

In spite of its small size, the bullet vibrators can produce strong vibrations, so you can get a pleasant sensation when you place it on your chest or clitoris.

This is the best sex toy for women who are particularly prone to feeling it on the clitoris. Another advantage of this sex toy is that it is compact and easy to carry around.

You can enjoy a strong feeling of pleasure not only in the house, but also on the road. It’s easy to operate, so bullet vibrators are surprisingly common among sex toy beginners to use first.

Good points 
  • Compact, small in size but strong in vibration
  • You can stimulate the clitoris, nipples, and other sexually sensitive areas.
  • It can be used for both sex and masturbation.
  • Feel stimulation more easily and have orgasms


The disadvantage is that they are not as powerful as the magic wand, which is so large that it can be tiring to operate.

Although they are both tools that vibrate the same sexual orgasm, the magic wand is still the most powerful vibrator.

However, even bullet vibrators have the strength to help women feel orgasms.

Also, bullet vibrators are small in size and are not long enough to stimulate the vagina deeply, even if they are inserted into the vagina.

Bad points
  • Not suitable for vaginal stimulation
  • You may become dissatisfied with having sex with men.
  • Overuse will dull sensitivity.


Who should use Bullet Vibrators in India

The bullet vibrators are highly recommended for beginners who have never used a sex toy before.

Other sex toys can be a hassle to use and some of them require a lot of post-processing, but with bullet vibrators, you only have to touch the sexual area, so anyone can use it easily.

Some women may be reluctant to use sex toys, but bullet vibrators are stylish and some of them are cool and don’t look like sex toys at first glance.

If you are looking for ease and design, you should use them.

★Women who want to have an orgasmic body
★People who want a compact vibrator
★Women who want more masturbation and sex satisfaction


What Are Bullets and Eggs?

There are so many different types of vibrators in india that many people don’t know the difference and don’t know which one to choose.

Here we will clarify the differences between confusing vibrators.

Bullet vibrators

The bullet vibrators are the simplest and first portable vibrators among the vibrators.

By providing vibrations to the nipple and clitoris, you can feel the pleasure and have your partner stimulate various parts of the body with the bullet vibrators during sex.

Egg vibrators

Egg vibrators are egg-shaped vibrators. Despite their very compact size, they are able to provide strong and powerful vibrations.

You may choose this sex toy when you want to stimulate various sexual organs during masturbation or sex. It is egg-shaped, small and easy to use.

The Best bullet vibrators in India

Having looked at the benefits of bullet vibrators and their advantages over other sex toys, let’s check out the recommended bullet vibrators.

Sexy Bullet vibrator

Sexy Bullet vibrator

Gul Rang

Color ring is a very attractive, I bought immediately find this toy. Result is a large correct. Since this toy will lead you to always orgasm me, I sincerely thought that it was good to buy.
by: Sex Toys India-Sexy Bullet vibrator Review


These bullet vibrators are silver, stylish vibrators. The surface is also slippery, so you can enjoy masturbation and sex while inserting it into your vagina.

It is a silent bullet vibrator with a lower vibration noise than other vibrators.

It is waterproof, so you can use it as many times as you want by rinsing it off after each use.

The price is reasonable at Rs 2200. It is easy to operate, just press the button and press the switch to stimulate the sexual area.

Bullet vibe silver

Bullet vibe silver


Great toy. Does the job very well. It has a powerful vibration function. Personally, i feel that this vibrator toy is best for start up. It helps me to hit the right spot. Completely satisfied with my product and your service.
by: Sex Toys India-Sexy Bullet vibrator Review


The color of this sex toy is orange, which will lift your spirits. The surface of the material is smooth so that if it is inserted into the vagina, you will experience deep pleasure without damaging the skin.

It is water-resistant and the battery is replaceable. You can use it as many times as you want by rinsing it off after use.

You can change the intensity of the vibration in stages by simply turning on the switch. It is a long vibrator, so you can reach it without any gates, even inside the vagina.

How to use Bullet Vibrators for Indian

Have you found the best sex toy for you? Let’s find out how to use bullet vibrator before you actually receive your favorite sex toy.

There are different ways to use it for masturbation and sex. Learn how to use it here and have a comfortable sex life.

Using Bullet Vibrators in masturbation

In masturbation, get your brain excited by increasing your sexual feelings before using bullet vibrators. Using a vibrator while your body is tense may reduce the sensitivity of the vibrator.

Increasing your arousal with naughty videos is recommended.

The more aroused you are, the more your vagina will be full of love juices and you will be able to penetrate smoothly and experience deep pleasure when inserting yourself in the vagina.

Increase your sensitivity by applying it to the vagina, nipples, and other sexually sensitive areas while increasing your feelings.

Initially, you may want to give a slow stimulation from inside your pants. When you reach the climax of your feelings and sensitivity, put a vibrator in your pants.

Touch the clitoris for a long time. When you are stimulating the clitoris, you can also tease other sexual zones together to get even better results.

Although it is such a small vibrator, you can get a pleasure that surpasses the conventional masturbation.

Using Bullet Vibrators in Sex

How to use bullet vibrators in sex, but if you have a partner, leave the vibrators with them.

Having your partner stimulate your sexual zones during foreplay can be a strong stimulation, and although bullet vibrators may be most commonly associated with clitoral stimulation, they are not the only stimulation available.

Rather than blaming the clitoris suddenly, it is recommended to blame the neck, back, ear area, inner thighs, and other sexual areas.

You will realize that stimulation with a vibrator is actually a sexual zone.

You can ease the tension in your body by getting aroused around the nipples and ears, and then move on to the clitoris, which is the easiest area to feel, so that you can have an efficient orgasm.

However, if you stimulate the clitoris at the end of the session while stimulating other sexual zones, the chances of climax are higher.

If you’re going to have your partner use bullet vibrators to stimulate you, it’s a good idea to explain to him or her how to make that area feel good.

It will also increase your pleasure and your man will feel aroused by the fact that you feel good.

Bullet vibrators are recommended sex toys because you can enjoy them not only during masturbation but also during sex.

It is also possible to stimulate while using lotions to get deeper pleasure.

If you want to know about other types of vibrators, please refer to the following articles

How to have an orgasm with Bullet Vibrators

In the bullet vibrators masturbation, the way you vibrate the vibrator will greatly change how good it feels and whether you can feel an orgasm.

You should not place the vibrator on the clitoris or nipples from the beginning, but gradually move it to the genitals, impaling the neck, thighs, and back.

The vibrator should not touch the nipple, but rather the neck, thighs, and back.

It is recommended to use the vibrator to find new sexually active zones and stimulate them intensively, because they can be found not only in the clitoris but also in other unexpected places.

It is recommended to use a vibrator to stimulate the genitals, not directly to the genitals, but to provide vibrations on top of your underwear, etc. so that you can feel the pleasant sensation.

If you are not comfortable using a vibrator to stimulate your vagina, or if you are not comfortable with the idea of using a vibrator to stimulate your vagina, I would recommend using a lotion.

Lotion will make the texture smoother, reduce friction between the vibrator and your skin, and eliminate pain.

The vibrator should be started on a low vibration level. If you start out with stronger vibrations, you won’t feel tortured and you will feel something unsatisfying in your orgasm.

If you start with weaker vibrations and then increase the intensity of the vibrations, the tension in your body will ease and you will feel more comfortable.

In the same way that you try various positions during sex, you can increase the feeling by trying various positions during masturbation with a vibrator.

The part of the body that feels good and the part that feels good to you will vary from person to person.

If you lie on your stomach or twist your body, the vibrator will change the way you feel.

Once you find your pleasure point here, focus on that area for stimulation. Your chances of feeling an orgasm will increase dramatically.


Warnings about bullet vibrators and how to choose them for Indian

So far, we have introduced the benefits of bullet vibrators and recommended sex toys.

Here is a list of advice and tips on how to use these products.

Tips on choosing bullet vibrators that are easy to use for sex and masturbation, as well as tips on how to use the vibrators for a long time.

Keep it clean at all times

Since vibrators are used on delicate parts of the body, you should sanitize them with wet wipes after use.

If it is a waterproof sex toy, you can wash it whole with soap and water after use. If there are germs left on the sex toy, there is a risk of contracting an STD.

If you are concerned about such a risk, you should wear a condom before use.

You can avoid getting bacteria on the sex toy, and after use, you can simply remove it from the vibrator and throw it in the trash.

Cordless is the way to go

There are two types of bullet vibrators: those with cords and those without cords.

For ease of operation during masturbation and sex, it is better to have a cord.

The cord can be a hassle to store and it can get in the way during play. If you have a cordless type, you can use it without worrying about it during sex or masturbation.

It’s kind of uncomfortable to have sex toy cords touching your skin during play. The price will go up a little bit, but it would be safer to choose a cordless one for the ease of use.

Bullet vibrators summary

What did you all think? Did you find your favorite bullet vibrators?

You may have mastered the right way to use bullet vibrators, but they are an important part of the bullet vibrators sex toy range, especially in their compact size, that can help you to feel your orgasm.

It is especially recommended for those who are looking for a stylish design, compact and stimulating sex toy.

How about continuing to have comfortable sex and masturbation with your favorite sex toy?

There is no doubt that it will become an item to revitalize the sex that is becoming ridiculous because of repeating the same sex.

In SEX Toys India, you can discover a variety of sex toys and search for your suitable sex toy in bullet vibrators category.

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